Project 365: The End


The above picture is a mock-up of my Project 365 Blurb Book! I am anxiously awaiting its arrival, and I’ll post a few photos of it once it gets here. I had always intended to print my photos from 2012 into a book, and needless to say I cannot wait to flip through all the pages of photos from this past year. I didn’t quite make it to 365 (I lost about a week, somewhere or other) but you can see my Project 358 photos in their entirety here!

I’m really happy I chose to do this project. It’s true that my photography has improved by a lot from the beginning of the year to now, and I’m proud of that. At the same time, I have been relieved not to have to scrounge around my badly-lit apartment for a decent photo on days when I am feeling busy and uninspired. I’m conflicted about this! Part of me thinks that searching out beauty in the everyday is important (it’s one of my goals for January, after all!). The other part of me thinks that being creative shouldn’t feel like a total chore. I was starting to resent doing this project every single day. So I’m giving myself a little time to “detox” from the project, and giving myself permission to take photos that inspire me and make me happy, whenever that may be. I’ve also been using my iPhone to take photos much more, which I’ve enjoyed (it’s easier, and always with me). We will see how 2012 goes from here re: photography!

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