The Book Learning Podcast: #4 + 5

Hey you! Have you been listening in? If not, you’ve been missing out!

Since I last posted about podcasting, we’ve recorded 2 more episodes. Episode 4 is described and linked in great detail on Gabrielle’s blog, so head over there to learn more/download it/put it in your ears.

Episode 5 is crazy cray cray. We’re beginning to talk about the steps of the editing process. Put it this way: according to Gabrielle, there are 7 steps in editing a novel, and we only covered two of them in this podcast! I’m way in over my head and feel like running away at full speed, but luckily my podcast partner is an old pro with editing and can walk me through it (relatively) calmly. It makes me nervous just writing about it!

If you, too, need a little guidance when it comes to editing your work, I encourage you to tune in to this series. You can watch the video above, or download (and subscribe) to the audio podcast on iTunes here.

Confused by all this podcast talk? If you’re new to The Book Learning Podcast, I have a FAQ written up here.

2 thoughts on “The Book Learning Podcast: #4 + 5”

    1. I love the Rules for Writers one. This one, it freaks me out a little. But you’re super awesome in it!! :D Good work Gabrielle.

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