Photo Walk: Red

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There’s a lot I love about going on photo walks in the summertime. The weather is great, the lighting is perfect, and all the wildlife is in full bloom. When it’s too hot to go for a run but too beautiful of a day to stay indoors, a photo walk is an excellent compromise. I usually meander around with a theme in mind, snapping pictures while listening to music or (more likely) a podcast. I’m wondering if it counts as moving meditation, though I doubt it because of the listening-to-a-podcast part. Either way, it feels kind of meditative, because I’m not thinking, I’m just looking for something and then taking its picture.

I’m hoping to do a rainbow of photo walks over the course of the next several months, so it was only natural to start with red. While each individual photo isn’t overly special, I absolutely love them together as a set. I feel like making a mosaic out of them!

This is a really fun way to practice my photography and get inspired. I love walking out into the world and noticing things I never had before, just because they’re a certain colour or pattern. It’s like by focusing on just one little thing, I’m able to see so much more than I might otherwise.

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