Rainforest SOS

Rainforest SOS: A new endeavor by Prince Charles of Wales hoping to save the Rainforest by working with governments and non profit organizations for funding of an emergency package and other means of protecting the rainforests.

As a citizen, the most you can do at this point is really spread the word, give your support by signing up and inviting friends and learning more. There is soon to be a new feature where you can record your own frog message like the ones recorded by celebrities and athletes around the world.

It’s a really good idea to support the fight against the destruction of our world and our rainforests. Wouldn’t you like to see them first hand one day? Well take one look at the widget at the top of the page counting up the thousands of metres squared of rainforest that have been destroyed per second you watch and you’ll see why it’s such a huge problem. I signed up so that I can do or learn all I can about the issue.

Our world is so important. It frustrates me so much when I hear people say that they don’t care or don’t believe what’s going on; that they’ll be gone soon anyways. But I don’t want the future generations to die because of our mistakes or be left to pick up all the pieces from this time in the world where everyone has these ideas to save the planet but it seems the message isn’t getting through to some. I almost want to laugh because hopefully in a couple decades all of this limbo will seem ridiculous, and the future will not be able to understand why we couldn’t get our act together and make things better. There’s a lot to fix, but I think we can do it if we try! I hope that we can fix up this world to be brand-spankin new.

C’mon people, don’t be lazy stupids.

Sign up right here.


Sick Days

A blessing and a curse.

I was home sick today due to an incredibly sore throat combined with a cough and the fact that I wasn’t really doing much at school anyways. It’s been quite nice to relax.

Here’s what I did: woke up late, watched four episodes of The Hills, drank gingerale, had soft-boiled eggs, went on the computer, had fruit salad, wrote a couple notes, didn’t publish them, had a spoonful of honey, tweeted the day away, downloaded firefox, got overwhelmed, had a text war, never got out of my scrubs aka pjs.

Lovely. What do I plan to do the rest of the night? Throw in some firefox addons, watch a movie, read a book, eat food, sleep. So nice playing hooky.

What works for a sore throat? Lots of vitamin C, echinacea, honey, cough drops, apparently gingerale, salt water gargle, and fisherman’s friends. But I can’t bring myself to eat any ff just yet. They taste like crap.

So the blessing part of being sick: sleeping in and chillin.

The curse part: you aren’t allowed to go to the premier of Star Trek with your friends since you were too sick for school. drats ma.

Ah well, lonliness is okay with me.




Synergy /sinn?rji/

the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its individual parts

originates from the Greek sunergos, meaning ‘working together’


It’s prom season, you can tell. Everyone is all in a tizzy about dresses, buzzing about limos, and getting distracted from school. I hear it’s worse in the states, but people here are pretty excited. Well, most anyways. A surprisingly large number this year are reflecting my sentiments on the issue: not such a big deal. Maybe it has something to do with the recession, but there seems to be a definite shift in priorities in my grade. We originally were going to rent a floor of a hotel for all the graduates, but that fell through. People have much less of an excited attitude about the night (more pessimistic, some might say)..And I, among a couple others (the minority) bought dresses for quite cheap. I think mine takes the cake, however, for price.

It’s from Charlotte Russe, some american store (most of the things are quite cheap & cheaply made), however for a prom dress I will wear only once, it’s perfect. It is so cute, and now I can get some fierce shoes, since it was only…30$! No kidding. Take a peek. 

Prom Dress - Charlotte RusseAin’t it purdy? I know. I love it. It looks quite nice with black shoes, so I’ll have to be on the lookout for some hot ones. 

Also when I was in the States, I picked up a BEAUTIFUL purse, which will suit me very well in the summer months. It is canvas and faux leather and beautiful because it looks a) summery and b) very similar to the beautiful equestrian Tory Burch boots I have been lusting after for a while and will never get. Both below, lust with me!

My BagTory Burch Equestrian BootsSo close enough I guess! As close as I’m going to get to those gorgeous boots anyways, since they’re 500$. Ha. Yeah right.

Anyways, I picked up a couple more beauties, but the bag is the best. I used it today and am already in love!