Project 365: Week 10

I really like doing this project, but I definitely struggle with it too. I sometimes feel so uninspired, either by my immediate environment, or by the photos I end up taking, or both. Some days, by the time I get back home all the natural light is gone, I’m tired and I feel like I have nothing to photograph. But I haven’t yet missed a day, and I’m proud of that. What’s really keeping me going is the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (I was reminded of this idea by Elise’s blog). When I look at the collage, I’m not overwhelmed by a sad feeling that all my photos are mediocre – I’m thrilled that I’ve documented all the mundane, beautiful things in my life. It’s a great reminder, a humbling experience. I just gotta keep on keeping on and not fixate too much on the negative.

Happy Thursday!

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