New York City 2017

This was my third summer visiting one of my best friends Katie in NYC, and it was just as amazing as ever. These trips are always one of the highlights of my year, not only because it’s great to spend time laughing and talking for hours with one of my favourite people, but also because there’s something so special about New York City. The food, the energy, the light at sunset, the views, the parks: everything feels special, even the ordinary things.

Last year I made a video of my trip and I wanted to do the same this time, but I was also tired and didn’t relish the thought of carrying my camera around everywhere and all the editing afterwards. So, inspired by this travel video, I turned to my trusty 1 Second Everyday app and used my phone camera instead. I loved this method and would definitely use it to document future trips, though I might try the Cameo app next time, since I love how Christine’s videos turn out as well.

PS. See my NYC 2016 video here.

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