Korcula, Croatia

Korcula started off bitter and ended up sweet. I know it sounds petty of me to say that, considering how lucky I truly am to be spending this time in beautiful Croatia, but that first half day in Korcula didn't go so well, all things considered. Our host cancelled our accommodations just a day before we arrived, telling us the payment hadn't gone through (it had), but saying we could still have the room if we rebooked. When we arrived, though, her story changed and suddenly we had to pay cash (we had booked through, and had credit for Airbnb) or find somewhere else. All this after a 5AM wake up time for the ferry ride, on which I let myself get a bit too hot and dehydrated. So we were disoriented and suspicious when we arrived, a fairly bad combo.

After some lunch and some beer, we were fortified and happier. Deciding we didn't want to waste time looking for another place, we paid cash (and asked for a refund from Airbnb), and our host surprised us by giving us *back* money, insisting that the place was cheaper than the original booking price. All's well that ends well!

We ended up having a lovely two days in Korcula, which is a very small but beautiful town, very old, very picturesque. We spent our afternoons on the beach (perhaps TMI, but we found a secluded spot and did some topless tanning – that's a first!) and our evenings walking around the old walled city, along the promenade. We climbed up the steepest, narrowest steps to the tiniest tower to look out over the city. We perused some beautiful handmade jewelry. And we ate some really delicious food, including my first palachinke (a thin crepe with Nutella)!

The sunset on our last night was completely perfect, and I loved exploring the city in the evening, watching the pink sky and listening to all the hubbub. Like I said, it ended up being totally sweet.


  • Walking the promenade at night – the sunsets in Korcula were amazing.
  • U Maje I Tonke restaurant: delicious tapas-style food. Everything we tried was creative, homemade, and beautifully presented.
  • Marinero restaurant: set just off the main promenade, this restaurant is apparently owned by two fishermen, and the food was incredibly fresh. When we were there, an older (fabulous) woman who is American but has been spending her summers in Korcula for some time now was raving about the food to everyone who walked by. We weren't disappointed, it was delicious and well priced.

4 thoughts on “Korcula, Croatia”

  1. GIRL!!!! Love the pics, keep ’em coming! I miss you guys, looks like you’re having an absolutely fabulous time so far :) Please keep posting so I can live vicariously through you and so I have something to look at when I’m bored at work!

    <3 Shosh

    1. Stephanie Pellett

      Hi Shoshy! Yay, glad you like the photos!! I am going to blog about Hvar soon, lots of fun stories to share :) xoxoxo

  2. Hi! I’m loving your posts. I’m going to be traveling to Spain and Italy in October. I’m trying to find a good back to take with me. The LLBean looks like the perfect solution. However, I see that it is 1 inch too big for Ryan Air’s requirements. Are you having any issues with this? Thanks a lot! Safe travels!

    1. Stephanie Pellett

      Hi Sara! Actually I noticed that too, that the bag is technically a bit too big. And though I haven’t flown Ryan Air and so can’t speak to that, I did fly Easy Jet twice which had similar restrictions and had no problem. Quite honestly, I have found that nobody has asked me to measure my bag in the gauge and I have just walked on board without a problem. Hope that helps! Good luck on your trip!

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