Everyday Beauty: Week 6







Guys, I’m practically embarassed by this week’s collection of photos. Yes, I had some pretty epic (for me) culinary adventures, but you’d think I never left my house or saw anyone or did anything but eat. NOT SO. Sigh. This is why I dislike wintery months, I’m never inspired to go outside, let alone with my camera. Working on it.

From the top: perfect soft boiled eggs, the makings of a hot toddy, “food styling”, sweet potato and edamame rice bowl, brussels sprouts grilled cheese sandwich, vegetarian bibimbap. All were delicious.

In other news this week, I have the full-fledged crazy brain about my upcoming trip to Europe. Right now, it’s manifesting itself in researching travelling light: products, backpacks, etc. I’ve decided that for my trip I’ll be travelling with just one carry-on sized bag, so there’s a lot of planning and learning that goes along with that! We’re talking 22+ tabs open on my browser and lists upon lists in an amazing Google Drive document that I love already. I’m more excited every day!

I also had a lot of studying to do this week, to work in around the travel obsession. Watched Girls with my BFF and drank wine and had a grand old time. Got some midterms coming up early this week, and an assignment due, but all things are on track as long as I keep my head down tomorrow and work until my friend arrives! So looking forward to it.

Cheers, friends!

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