Best Brussels Sprouts


Okay, everybody and my mother (literally: my mom is reading this and rolling her eyes) is sick of hearing about my newfound love for brussels sprouts. I’m sorry, I am. But also, I’m not. Because they are so good! And I am so happy to be incorporating new veggies into my world. Also, please note that there is a great big love for these sprouts all over the internet right now (check ’em out here and here, for starters), so I am not alone.


Here’s what I do (original recipe I used is here!): for one serving (me, myself & I), I use about 7 sprouts. I lop off their stems and peel off the dirty/old first layer. Then I chop them up, usually into eighths, then diagonally slice off any bits of the stem that remain. I pan-fry them in butter, letting them get nice and browned. After a couple minutes I usually add a couple chopped cloves of garlic or a little onion, and salt to taste. A couple minutes after that, I add some chopped pecans. Stir it up until the sprouts are fairly tender, then add parmesan cheese! Delish. I fry a couple of eggs and put them on top and eat as is. For real, so good + easy too.


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