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Yesterday we sold out the fall retreat dates of Nurture. This wasn’t our first time selling out the retreat, but it was the fastest we’ve ever sold it out, which is a huge milestone in itself.

You have to understand that the first four Nurtures that she ran on her own were operating at a deficit. She wasn’t selling the spots at full price, or the price wasn’t actually high enough to cover her costs, or she didn’t sell them out. When I came on board to help with the systems & operations of the business, we did a LOT of work (emotionally, physically and spiritually) to get the systems into shape and design the customer experience. 

So as Sonja and I celebrated last night with ice cream cones sitting on the steps, we were very grateful that this is our third retreat that’s sold so smoothly, and this one most smoothly of all. As we were sitting there, I realized: the work works. Even though it can be challenging and frustrating and hard, eventually if you commit for the long term and put in the hours and experience all the difficulties and push through them, it pays off. If you make it through The Dip when nothing feels fun anymore and keep on going, you get to the other side where things start to flow.

It felt like an important thing to recognize because that recognition in itself is motivating. Now that I’ve seen an example of what can happen when someone can get quiet enough and humble enough to re-envision their business & plod through the tedious tasks, I feel even further committed to my belief system. Doing the work works. There are key elements that need to be present in order for the work to work. Anyone can do the work with the right mindset. When you do the work, good things are waiting for you on the other side.

If you’re in a dip right now, keep going. Better things are on their way. 

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