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I’m declaring today a personal admin/reset day. This is a concept that I have been hearing about from a few different sources – first from Sarajane Case, who often captures her process on IG stories, and more recently and in more depth from Muchelle B, who has perfected her process.

The idea is that you intentionally take time to reset different areas of your life. Clean things up, tick off tasks, catch up on emails, deal with those papers, plan ahead. Reset. You start with a to-do list, stay focused, and try to get through as many of your items as you possibly can before quitting time.

So I’m going to try it! Normally I’m pretty sporadic with when I do chores and prep, but the idea of powering through a bunch of tasks that I’m not a huge fan of but that I know will make me feel good afterwards feels pretty motivating. I like the idea of getting to the end of the day and having a sparkling house, some food prepped for the next few days, appointments in my calendar and a clear plan for the week ahead.

I think in the future, I’d try to do this on Sundays (not Mondays!), but yesterday was busy with a bridal shower and so not an option. One thing that’s great about Monday though is that everything is open so I can call to make appointments and run any errands I need to!

Wish me luck! Do you ever do personal reset days? What do yours entail?

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