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Yesterday I had a small win: I started saving $10 on my monthly phone bill. That may not seem like a lot, but it’ll add up to $120 this year that I could put towards something way more fun, like a trip somewhere warm this winter or a new fall jacket.

The real kicker is that I’ll actually get *more* for my money on this new plan. Instead of 2GB of data (which I occasionally go over), I’ll get 4GB. Instead of unlimited minutes, I’ll get 500, plus free evenings and weekends, which is great because I rarely go over about 400 minutes, on average. And the rest of my plan is identical, except $10 cheaper.

How did I accomplish this wizardry? I just went on to my cell phone portal (I use Koodo ā€“ yes, it’s an affiliate link) and poked around, looking at their plans and comparing them to what I had. When I’d done this before, looking for a new phone in the process, I’d found all the plans completely exorbitant. But this time I explored as if I would keep the phone I had, since it still works perfectly, after all. And voila! Cheaper plans with more features.

I’m taking a couple lessons with me from this:

  1. Just check. Log in, take a look, give them a call, ask if they can do better. I’m inspired to do this with other monthly bills I have, to see if I can get a slightly better deal.
  2. It pays to keep things as long as you can. Take care of your stuff! I’ve paid off my phone completely so I don’t have a monthly financing charge, and because of that now my plan is as low as I’ve ever paid as an adult. Win-win.

I love saving money. Wishing you lots of little wins this week!

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