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This is a short but sweet reminder to myself to take my daily walk. Don’t skip it. Don’t weasel your way out of it. Don’t tell yourself there’s no point. Don’t keep staring at your computer screen doing “just one more thing!” Just go outside and take a walk. 

Lately I’ve been feeling stressed by little things, getting sucked into my phone or into unhelpful thought loops about things I can’t control. It’s as if I believe I can control everything if I spend all my time researching or worrying about it. Not only is this boring and unhelpful, it also makes me feel even more anxious, because all I’m thinking about is the anxiety itself.

Last night I was falling down a rabbit hole of research on the internet when my bestie called. I grabbed my phone, put on my shoes, and was at the park within 10 minutes. After an hour walking through the dog trails, soaking in the sunshine, and chatting with my friend, I felt freer. Calmer. I knew things would work out in time. All feelings I would not have gotten to if I’d just stayed home ruminating.

The answer is simple, free, and always accessible. When in doubt, walk it out. 

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