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This past weekend, I did a one-day “retreat” with my business bestie Sonja. We spent the day looking at the sticky areas of our businesses, talking about how to fix the problems we’re dealing with and brainstorming simple solutions that might make a difference. It was intense! But it was helpful.

Then last night, I had my personal mastermind group with a couple of friends. Essentially we meet monthly and do a mini version of the retreat, but for our personal lives. We talk about a topic that’s been weighing on us, and get feedback and support from one another. It’s a little like group therapy, but with more love and more opinions.

This week on a podcast I heard someone talk about the healing power of simple awareness and it struck me as incredibly true. So often, once we have awareness and language for what we’re struggling with, the intensity of the problem is diminished. It starts to be resolved on its own. Without even trying, in a few months’ time it’s usually a thing of the past.

I find this helpful to remember, especially when I’m feeling like I need to start applying every single idea and concept right away to fix the problem right now. I can stay calm by remembering that awareness is more than half the battle. When we know better, we do better. 

It makes me feel incredibly grateful for these spaces where I can share vulnerably about the not-so-pretty things. By bringing issues into the light and giving them a bit of focused attention, the healing process has already begun. The problem is already halfway solved.

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