Free Wallpaper Download: Imam Al Shafi’i Quote

June WallpaperI recently read Thrive, which argues that we need a third metric for success in addition to money and power, one made up of wisdom, wellness and wonder. The whole book really resonated with me, but this quote in particular stood out from the other dozens of passages and phrases I highlighted.

I struggle with having faith in things working out or believing in things happening for a reason. I’ve never been religious, but lately I’ve been trying to cultivate a sense of spirituality and synchronicity and a belief in things I’ll never understand. I’ve been trying to pay more attention to coincidences and let myself fully experience awe and wonder. I’ve always kind of thought there was too much magic in this world to be accidental, but I’ve never gone further than that. But I’m realizing that when things are stressful, it’s helpful and calming to have faith and belief in ideas and forces bigger than you.

In The Art of Possibility, another great book I read earlier this year, they say “It’s all invented anyway, so we might as well invent a story or a framework of  meaning that enhances our quality of life and the life of those around us”. With that idea in mind, I’ve been choosing to try and believe in this beautiful quote from Imam Al Shafi’i. It gives me more peace and takes away some of the panic. It helps me be brave and pursue what lights me up while worrying less about what I might be missing out on (FOMO, be damned!). And when things get hard, it helps me to remember that things will work out in a way that will teach me new things and help me grow as a person. I’m realizing that happiness really comes down to your perspective and the way you interpret the things that happen to you, so I’m choosing a perspective that I find comforting and calming.

The photo was taken on Bijindo island at sunrise on a chilly June morning. I made the quote into a computer wallpaper download if you’d like a copy of your own.

Download the wallpaper here

Free Wallpaper Download: E.B. White Quote

May Wallpaper FinalThis past week I re-read one of my very favourite books, Charlotte’s Web. It was one of the few favourite childhood books I brought to Korea with me as gifts to my school, and I read it on my breaks at work. This time around, I also read the foreword from the 60th anniversary edition by Kate DiCamillo for the first time. In it, she quotes E.B. White: “All that I hope to say in books, all that I ever hope to say, is that I love the world.” What an incredibly perfect goal that is. I interpret it as encouragement to always try to celebrate the beauty of nature, the best parts of our days, and the lovely little things.

I read the book differently this time. I noticed the descriptions of nature more, I noticed the sadness more, and I noticed all sorts of subtle things I’d never picked up on when I was young but which made me love it more than ever. That said, all my favourite parts were still my favourite: Wilbur glowing white and pink after his buttermilk bath, the descriptions of the food scraps that the pig and the rat share, the poise and vocabulary of Charlotte, and the excitement of the rope swing. It transported me right back to my childhood.

The quote above from the book sums up how I’m feeling about life these days, and it reminds me of how I want to live. I want to be grateful and appreciative, I want to notice all the magic and the beauty around me, I want to feel it all as it’s happening, I want to stay present and not wish for the past or the future. These are the days. The photo was taken in my early days of living in Korea, at Haeundae beach on a beautifully clear morning.

I made the quote into a computer wallpaper download if you’d like a copy to dress up your desktop this month.

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