Joyeux Anniversaire

It’s my sister’s birthday today: she is 13. I know, it’s nuts. Just thought I’d share our family traditions, since I think that birthday traditions are fun and adorable. 

So first, we always have cake for breakfast. Always, and I don’t think it’s ever been vanilla cake, always chocolate. I personally am not a cake fan, so my mom always makes me brownie cake instead. Mmmm. 

Also, my mom goes insane on decorations. She actually loves it. She will go out, and get the most ridiculous (read: tacky) decorations imaginable. Last year, it was a life size plastic Mariachi band and a seriously fierce salsaing 2D plastic couple. This year, think Grease-style: cutouts of those old cars, a diner, etc. For B’s  this year it’s Hawaiian theme to the max: picture a hula dancer. But they are male. And wearing a mask. Which is tribal. And terrifying. 

Presents in the morning, is pretty common. 

And out for dinner at night. Lovely. I enjoy birthdays greatly at my house. 

Noticed: Tons of people born in April. Early April especially, like the first week. I think that puts conception at about..July? In the mood for loving in July? I guess so..Maybe it’s just a geographic/demographic type of thing. Maybe I’ll look into this a little more, but I know at least ten (?) people who are  born the same week as me. And that’s quite a few!

Anyways, today we ate at a really nice (and really tiny) Italian restaurant called La Forchetta in Little Italy, downtown Toronto. It’s really small! But apparently has won multiple awards. The food was amazing, to be sure, and the service was excellent. I guess that’s what you get for not having too many customers to serve, you can make it fantastic. Then again, it was also a rainy Monday night (ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE, IN FACT) so not so busy. But the food was delicious. I had a pasta with roasted chicken, roasted garlic, chickpeas, caramelized onions, artichoke hearts. It sounds not so nice, but tasted delicious. Plus a organic greens salad with blueberry vinaigrette & goat cheese, and capuccino tartufo. Delicious. Really. 

I will post more about it later, but the Hills are on and I feel like watching something trashy. Be back soon!



En Vogue

Vogue Cover May 2009

Picked up my new Vogue yesterday after reading an article trashing the mag for making their May 09 issue one all about models. The cover features nine famous faces in the industry at the moment, shot by Steven Meisel, the photographer who discovered/promoted them all, and who is featured in an interview and self portrait inside the magazine. The article I read said that Vogue should stop trying so hard to promote models, make them popular, or famous, and that the models should stay in the background. 

To them I say: no way!

Personally, I am open for pretty much anything, since I believe people’s lives are extremely interesting, no matter who they are. I feel like the idea of doing an expose of sorts on the models of the moment is a great idea! Since the public knows very little about models, and too much about celebrities. Models do quiet work, and we only catch glimpses of them on runways or backstage, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen a long interview of a model – discounting Gisele, Kate, Naomi, or the other huge ones. I am interested in reading about their lives and loves, since one Vogue feature is the “Meet the Boyfriends” article. But then again, I’m a total sucker for relationship goss. 

I haven’t read much of it yet, but I’m going to go do that now!

Also noticed: striking similarities between this issue & April Harper’s Bazaar. 


  1. Vogue features models (including Gisele); HB has Gisele on the cover. 
  2. Vogue has a feature of Natalia Vodianova (“The Great Pretender”) role-playing nine fashion legends; HB has Gisele personifying supermodels throughout the ages
  3. Vogue pays tribute to Steven Meisel, a great photographer known for discovering models; HB heralds Richard Avedon, another great photographer.


I wonder: do most people read both magazines? Or do the editors know that the public probably only reads one of the two? Or is it all a giant coincidence? Either way, it struck me that they were remarkably similar. Strange, very strange.


Night night, 


Frustration Station

What I wish I could announce over the PA system:

“Good evening bookstore customers. The time is now 9:45 and the store will be  closing in 15 minutes time, at 10 o’clock. If you have left any stacks of books on or beside chairs, coffee cups on shelves, or piles of magazines on the window sill, now would be a great time to put them back neatly, exactly where you found them, so that we don’t have to clean up after your piggyness. For your shopping convenience, we will re-open tomorrow morning, at 9:30 AM. Thank you for shopping at our store, and have a wonderful night”.

..Because honestly, sometimes it gets to be too much. Yes, I am there to shelve books, and mildly clean up after you. But I think it’s rude to leave piles of books sitting on tables or hundreds of magazines scattered. I mean, who does that?? I would actually never even do that, even before I worked at the bookstore. It’s RUDE. Don’t do it. You have no idea how annoying it is. Oh and while I’m at it: don’t just leave books/magazines from one shelf on another shelf. That’s how books get lost if somebody doesn’t notice, and that’s what you get mad at when you can’t find that one book. It’s your fault! Just leave them all on a kiosk or somewhere visible, if you must. If you must. Yeah, it’s my job, but only to a certain extent.

It’s a rant, folks. I’ll still perform my job, but every so often, screaming is necessary.


Xoxo, Gossip Girl

So I have a question: is Gossip Girl becoming as elitist as it’s characters? Does it want to exclude new viewers?

I admit this would be a silly thing to do for a tv show, considering ratings and whatnot, so maybe what I saw was just bad direction. I walked in on my sister watching the show and was immediately completely lost. The scene was so jumpy! It just kept jilting and pausing and going to new characters and having long silences. In retrospect, it was sort of terrible. The bad acting in the next scene by Blair Waldorf (god love her style) didn’t help matters either. Maybe I should bite my tongue until I watch the full episode but I felt the need to make a comment on it. I seriously hope it’s not going downhill for these reasons:

  1. The clothes are absolutely fabulous
  2. The actors are gorgeous
  3. I love watching glamour in action
  4. Kristen Bell has a sexy voice!

I’ve seen only a few episodes in the past (only a few, I never catch tv) and enjoyed them, but it was a bad scene I think! Confusing, shifty and not glamourous in the least.



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