24 for 2024

Hello dear friends! Long time, no see. It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, and even longer since I’ve done a list like this. But I’ve been missing my creative practice, and I’ve been craving more documentation, so here I come back to blogging!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a bit of end-of-year reflection and some goal-setting for 2024, but I wanted to start with this fun list of things I want to try or do in the coming year. I used to do these lists for my birthday (examples here and here) but fell out of the habit a while back (I’m 32 now!). But instead of waiting for my birthday to roll around in April, I am going to switch the schedule and do it for the year 2024 instead.

I first got this idea from Sarah Von Bargen, but it’s also been popularized by the Happier podcast. For me, the prompt is to think of things that sound fun or interesting to you that you might otherwise procrastinate on doing. It gives some fun and structure to the year, and you’ll always have good ideas if you aren’t sure what to do with yourself!

So without further ado, here is my list of 24 things I’d like to do in 2024. Huzzah!

  1. Try rock climbing with Mike at Gravity Climbing Gym
  2. Sew The Juniper Tank with a bow at the backSewed in March + I absolutely love it!
  3. Take a daytrip to Trader Joe’s in Buffalo ✅ Mike and I went for our anniversary weekend in January
  4. Celebrate my 10-year friendship anniversary with Katie ✅ We met up in Ithaca for the weekend! 
  5. Donate blood quarterly (March, June, September, December)
  6. Start a local Cookbook Club
  7. Make another beautiful quilt
  8. Get a sandwich from Artie’s
  9. Get ice cream from The Purple Pony
  10. Finish writing Slowpreneur
  11. Get Prince Street Pizza in Toronto
  12. Take Bruno to Long Point Provincial Park
  13. Find a physio and eliminate my back pain
  14. Plan our third-annual RBG Reading Retreat
  15. Have my sisters over for Practical Magic + Midnight Margaritas
  16. Get a Hamilton Bike Share membership + use it this summer
  17. Pay off my debt completely
  18. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens
  19. Get at least two perfect pairs of jeans
  20. Visit the Gage Park Greenhouse in the wintertimeMike and I went on January 10th & it was delightful!
  21. Host a pizza party or cookie swap
  22. Go hiking at peak leaf-peeping season
  23. Watch all of a critically-acclaimed TV show
  24. Print more square photos for my wall

While I’d like to say I’ll write a blog post for each of these things, realistically it’s far more likely that I’ll post about them on my personal Instagram account. Feel free to follow along there, if you’re curious!

In the meantime, watch this space for more blog posts coming your way soon. This is fun! Why did I ever stop doing this?!