Zucchini Fritters

It’s late, midnight. I just finished work, the leftovers of a bag of SunChips, and am working on a raspberry lime slushee. I’m currently extremely far from any pinnacle of health and/or good eats. I am! It’s true.

But considering that I’m going to see my family tomorrow (today, when you’re reading this!), I’m doing a happy dance, and an “I don’t care” dance. It’s Friday! It’s vacation! It was a hard shift! At the same time, I’m going to see my mama tomorrow, and I gotta prove to her that processed junk isn’t all I eat.

So I give you zucchini fritters. These things are good, good, good. They’re gorgeous too, slightly browned yet bright green, and topped with bright white sour cream. The sour cream makes them irresistible. Just speaking from experience here.

The key to a good zucchini fritter is explained over at Smitten Kitchen: it’s to squeeze out as much zucchini juice/liquid as possible before combining the pulp with the other ingredients. This important process helps them get crispy! I used a cheesecloth, and was thoroughly amused by how much liquid I got out of those zucchini. Zucchinis? Whatever.

These made a perfect lunch, but I bet they’d make a lovely vegetarian brunch option as well!

The recipe is here. Enjoy! I’m off to get my beauty rest. X’s and O’s. Happy day.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake + Mixed Berry Sorbet

I wish I could pinpoint where my mantras come from, but in all honesty they just float in like fluffy clouds and take up residence in my brain. I don’t get a choice in the matter. Earlier this year, my mantra was “follow your bliss”. I still love that one, and it still guides me, but recently another one has made itself known: “choose art”. Mmm. I’m in love with it.

Choose art. It’s a mantra, but it’s also a paradigm: it shapes my choices and changes the way I think about things. I’m defining “art” loosely, but it all makes sense to me. By “art”, I mean anything that enriches me + my life. So flipping through a glossy spread in Bon Appetit counts. Reading a book counts. Baking, food styling and photography definitely count. And when I “choose art”, I spend less of my precious free time soaking up TV shows or movies like a boring sponge. Choosing art keeps me busy, keeps me entertained,  stops me from being lonely.

Last week, I was feeling particularly listless and lonely, and I had just finished a midterm so I had a bit of free time. So instead of watching TV, I decided to create. I made double chocolate zucchini cake and mixed berry sorbet. Both are delicious, and together are even better! Not to mention that getting to practice my photography that made me the happiest of girls.

Here are the recipes for double chocolate zucchini cake and mixed berry sorbet. As recipes go, they’re very simple. I was able to make both without leaving my house because I had a 3-pack of zucchini that needed using, and a plethora of frozen mixed berries in the freezer.

I’m lucky enough to have this ice cream maker at my disposal, but I promise the cake is good on its own too! If you do have access to an ice cream maker, let me assure you that the sorbet is amazing on its own as well. I’ve also been adding a little to smoothies, and it packs a flavour punch.


Favourite Food Standbys

Okay, it’s time for me to fess up. You know how I always post photos of the delicious food I make, and make it seem like it’s no big thang.

In fact, it is kinda a big thang, and I can assure you that I do not make elaborate food every night of the week. I’m lucky enough to have great friends and a few great (and relatively cheap) restaurants near where I live, so I’ve found I only end up cooking about three nights of the week, and eat leftovers most of the other nights. I love love LOVE leftovers! I love big one-pot meals that last me countless lunches and dinners to come!

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite go-to meals for whenever I don’t really feel like cooking for a couple days.

One Pot Meals

Since I’m a vegetarian, these are my standbys. Simple and nutritious, tons of protein, comforting and delicious. Perfect!

My Mum’s Vegetarian Chili

Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew: adapted from here. I make it without the green beans (only because I never have any!), and top with some goat’s cheese – YUM!

Hot and Sour Soup. I use a recipe similar to this one, but without the water chestnuts or bamboo shoots. It’s so wonderful for when you have a cold, or just the winter blues.

Pad Thai. It’s so full of yummy goodness: tofu, egg, peanuts, lime, cilantro…yummerdoodle! I find it easier to use a package or jarred sauce than to wrestle with tamarind. It’s not as authentic, and it has a bit more sodium, but it’s worth the convenience, I think! Just cook the tofu and egg and set to the side; then stirfry together boiled rice noodles and green onions, add some sauce, add tofu and egg, add cilantro and bean sprouts and more sauce. Serve with lime wedges and peanuts! Delicioso.

Quinoa salad. Quinoa is so amazing for you (read why here), and so easy to make. I like to add chopped carrots, green onions, nuts (walnuts or cashews), dried apricots, and beets and cauliflower if I have them around. I usually eat mine with some balsamic vinegar, and it’s so delicious! You can add any veggies you want to it, and it always tastes lovely.

Dishes I Pretend Are Dinner

Warning! I am not advocating these foods as necessarily good, vegetarian healthy options. These are just the dishes I tend to throw together when I’m too tired to cook anything!

Sweet potato fry poutine. Make a mushroom gravy, cook some sweet potato fry wedges tossed in olive oil, salt & pepper and a dash of cinnamon in a 450 degree oven for about 20 minutes, top with cheese curds and gravy, and stuff your face.

Bruschetta. I couldn’t care less that it’s winter, this dish will never be out of season to me. I chop some tomatoes, sweet onion and yellow pepper and marinate them in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt & pepper. Then slice some baguette, top with the mixture, add some goat’s cheese and drizzle with some more balsamic vinegar. Then stick it under the broiler for a couple minutes until the bread starts to toast and the cheese starts to sizzle. Eat.

My favourite spinach salad. Spinach, sauteed red onions and mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, green onions, goat’s cheese and raspberry vinaigrette (not pictured, because I’m a silly goose).

Zucchini fritters. Oh man, this is my newest addiction. These things are delicious! And so easy. I roughly use this recipe, but mostly I just shred a zucchini, add an egg and enough flour to make it stick together, sprinkle the mixture with salt and pepper. Then form it into patties with your hands and fry like a pancake in some oil. Top with some sour cream!

Other Things I Tend to Eat

  • Various types of grilled cheese sandwiches: mozzarella and apricot jam, old cheddar and caramelized onions and mushrooms…etc, etc!
  • Perogies served with caramelized onions and sour cream
  • Tostadas with refried beans, sour cream, salsa, guacamole and shredded cheddar
  • Lasagna with zucchini and mushrooms
  • Stir fries with red cabbage, snow peas, tofu, and bean sprouts
  • Frozen pizza, my favourite is this one from President’s Choice – go Blue Menu! :)

I’d Love To Know..

What sorts of things do you eat for dinners? Are you a vegetarian or a meat-eater? What are your favourite go-to meals?  Let me know and give me some inspiration!! I always love to hear from you.