Breakfast Smoothies

During my time eating by the slow-carb diet, every morning I ate the same thing. I’d briefly sauté a handful of broccoli and run around doing my makeup and getting dressed while it sizzled in the background. Then, I’d add a spoon of cottage cheese and 2 beaten eggs or some egg whites, depending on my mood. It was yummy, but sometimes I struggled with the egg whites being extremely watery and sort of gross. I also had issues with my frying pans getting egg-crusted and impossible to clean.

A couple weeks ago, I developed a new breakfast system that I want to share! For me, smoothies are perfect: I can prepare them when I’m still half asleep, I can quickly clean up the immersion blender, and, let’s be real here – they’re delicious.

The key here is the immersion blender. Last summer, I tried to do fruit smoothies, but using the regular blender ended up being too noisy, not to mention messy and ineffective. I bought my immersion blender cheaply at the grocery store, it’s by President’s Choice’s Everyday Essentials brand (I can’t find it online). It comes with a plastic cup which is very easy to clean, I use it for my morning smoothie every day.

Here are the loose “recipes” I’ve been using lately, depending on what I have in my kitchen.

#1: blend small handful of spinach with soy milk until smooth. Add 2-3 tbsp Greek yogurt, handful of frozen mixed berries, one banana (broken up), and about 1/4 cup of orange juice. Blend!

#2: blend small handful of spinach with some fruit juice until smooth. Add 2-3 tbsp Greek yogurt, handful frozen raspberries, 2 tbsp fruit sorbet, and a little more juice. Blend!

As you can see, the second is a little less filling. I’m planning to experiment with different types of smoothies in the coming weeks, so I’d love to hear your suggestions. I buy about one bag of frozen berries per week, alternating between mixed berries and raspberries. They cost about $6 at my grocery store. I always buy the same kind of Greek yogurt, because it’s totally delicious and full of protein. And just in case any of you are skeptical about the spinach: don’t be. It’s impossible to taste, or to feel texturally.

So please: any smoothie recipes?