Best Brussels Sprouts


Okay, everybody and my mother (literally: my mom is reading this and rolling her eyes) is sick of hearing about my newfound love for brussels sprouts. I’m sorry, I am. But also, I’m not. Because they are so good! And I am so happy to be incorporating new veggies into my world. Also, please note that there is a great big love for these sprouts all over the internet right now (check ’em out here and here, for starters), so I am not alone.


Here’s what I do (original recipe I used is here!): for one serving (me, myself & I), I use about 7 sprouts. I lop off their stems and peel off the dirty/old first layer. Then I chop them up, usually into eighths, then diagonally slice off any bits of the stem that remain. I pan-fry them in butter, letting them get nice and browned. After a couple minutes I usually add a couple chopped cloves of garlic or a little onion, and salt to taste. A couple minutes after that, I add some chopped pecans. Stir it up until the sprouts are fairly tender, then add parmesan cheese! Delish. I fry a couple of eggs and put them on top and eat as is. For real, so good + easy too.


Eat Your Fruits & Veggies!

Ooh they're so pretty and gorgeous and awesome!

Alright people, listen up. I am about to say something very important:


I am so serious.

This is so important.

Please do this for yourself.

Fruits and veggies are *magical* foods. They will rock you to your core. They are the secret to longevity and happiness. I’m not making this up! Eat them!!

The Theory

Okay, let’s get all sciencey on you. Read up on the Free-radical Theory of aging. It basically says that when certain particles in your body have too few electrons in them, they go wild! They are reactive and try to grab at more electrons, causing damage to your cells. These particles are called free-radicals, and they are VERY BAD, basically. That’s why you need antioxidants! They freely give some electrons to these free-radical particles so that the free-radicals are satisfied and stop ravaging your body. That’s why anti-oxidants slow the aging process, because they cause less damage to be done! Yay antioxidants!

The Gist of It..

The amount of key antioxidants that many species maintain in their body is directly proportional to their lifespan
-Richard Cutler, M.D., former director of Aging Research for the National Institutes of Health
Antioxidants are so amazing. Higher levels = less damage to your body = less chance for disease. Great equation.
Higher levels protect against
  • macular degeneration
  • cancers
  • diabetes
  • heart conditions

Hmm, does this sound intimidating?

Your Part.

Here’s what you should do to protect, help and strengthen yourself!

  1. Eat your fruits and veggies! Nine servings total daily is what Health Canada recommends, AIM HIGHER! They provide tons of natural antioxidants to soothe those sad little free-radicals. Fruits and veggies are the #1 best way to get your antioxidants + they’re so yummy and so awesome so EAT THEM!
  2. Look out for challenges! Some challenges to antioxidant absorption are stress, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, antibiotics. Look out for these and try your best (if possible) to avoid them, or supplement with extra fruits and veggies.
  3. Get your antioxidant level measured! I got mine done at my optometrist, who was checking in order to prevent macular degeneration down the line. Ask your doctor about getting your levels tested, and talk to him about choices going forward (supplements like omega-3 oils and antioxidant pills could be recommended by your doctor)

My 'Very Good' antioxidant score - 42 thousand!


Okay, I now sound like an advertisement for the fruits and veggies society of Canada or something like that (does that even exist?) but I feel very strongly about this subject! I can’t help myself. I want all of you to be healthy + happy!

Yaddy yaddy yaddy.

Plant-centered diet is the way to go, people! Just ask Kris Carr..


Alright, that’s enough Public Service Announcements for one day. Yeesh!

I’m going to go eat an apple now. Or some carrot sticks. Or some spinach salad. Or some tomatoes. Or some onions and peppers and pineapple and peaches! YUM.

xoxo, S.

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