Inspiration | November 21

Inspiration November 21 >> Life In Limbo

I started listening to the This Is Your Life Podcast this week and have been really inspired by all the episodes I’ve heard so far. It’s all about leadership and productivity and branding.

I cried after watching this video about touchable memories. Such a truly powerful idea.

How cool does the Passion Planner look? I am considering funding the Kickstarter just to get one of my own.

I finished reading The Slight Edge this week and inspired the heck out of me! Seriously, this is one of the more powerful books I’ve read this year. (More book recommendations here)

Inbox for Gmail turns out to be awesome. I signed up to get an invite last week and I’ve been really liking it so far. I like the way they bundle together emails so I can instantly tell what’s important and what’s not (aka what’s in my “Promos” bundle). A side effect has been unsubscribing to a lot of email lists..

This article on how and why to keep a commonplace book was very inspiring. I have always written quotes down in whatever notebook or app I tend to be using at the time, but I love the idea of having a more consolidated and organized system.

I signed up for a free account on Copyblogger and got access to so many awesome ebooks about marketing and and copywriting.

Dylan interviewed his grandparents for their 65th wedding anniversary and it was a really touching article.

Such an awesome piece about traveling or being an expat for years.

On a related note, I loved this article about what you need to move to a new city. It’s giving me ideas for the next stage of my own personal adventure!

This week on Guinea Pigging Green, Laura and I are talking all about yoga teacher training! It was a fun episode to record and I think we touched on a lot of the interesting questions people might have about signing up for a training like this.


Sometimes I don’t have many inspirational things to share at the end of each week, and sometimes (like today!) my cup runneth over. I was so endlessly inspired this week by so many different kinds of things, and that’s exactly how I like it. You may have noticed already, but I’ve decided to slow down my posting schedule here on the blog and devote more of my time to developing helpful content rather than just working to get something up every weekday. I’m already noticing huge gains in my productivity and planning for the future and this feels like a more sustainable rhythm for me.

This week flew by, and I don’t expect the next one to go any slower! My mom is arriving one week from yesterday and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I cannot wait to give her huge hugs and show her around my corner of Korea. Have a wonderful weekend!