1/10: “Follow Your Bliss” Art

Okay, so I technically did most of this project on December 30th, but since I still did some touch-ups, re-sizing, and framing in 2012, I’m counting it towards my 2012 projects! Besides, I need some momentum on this goal, otherwise I’ll lose hope and fall behind. And with that, I give you my very first DIY project of 2012: a painted poster!

I got my inspiration for this project from Elise Blaha (don’t click the link unless you feel like falling down the rabbit hole of her blog for a few hours) who did a larger, more elegant version that used song lyrics and a real canvas. I’d had this saying/motto/phrase of “follow your bliss” floating around in my head for a few days, so one quiet, snowy afternoon I decided to make a print of it.