Inspiration | November 28

Inspiration November 28 >> Life In Limbo

I watched this clip of The Daily Show today where Jon Stewart unpacks white privilege. It is so excellent. The clip was reposted by someone on my timeline in the wake of the upsetting decision of a grand jury not to indict the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson.

Bill Gates posts all the books he reads (and reviews most of them!) on his own personal version of GoodReads..

The Spark Notebook looks so wonderful! It’s beautiful and seems very functional as well. Planners and notebooks are really having a moment right now, which I couldn’t be happier about.

I’m planning to take this free Skillshare course on Documentary Photography, it looks amazing.

This article about how to be good at Twitter introduced me to Buffer and my life has never been the same since.

Oh my goodness, the Jurassic World trailer. I wrote to a friend: “I don’t care about the dangerous dinosaurs, I hope this park becomes a reality in my lifetime.”

I have an account on Quora, and the most surprising thing for me is that it is the only email newsletter I get where a) I am excited to see it in my inbox, and b) I almost always click through to something interesting every time even if I didn’t intend to.

This week I added “learn to scuba dive in Koh Tao” to my Southeast Asia bucket list based on awesome articles like this one.

The Book Depository ships free worldwide! Ahh!


As I write this, my mum’s on a plane to Tokyo. By the time you read it, we will be together! I am so indescribably excited and in a way relieved to see her: it’s been too long, it’s unnatural. I am not going to be posting on the blog next week in order to make the most of our time together but I’ll be back the week after that. To my American readers: Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone else: we all have so much to be grateful for, and I for one am using American Thanksgiving as a happy excuse to practice gratitude. What are you grateful for today? Have an amazing weekend.

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Inspiration | May 2


I absolutely loved this in-depth answer to the question “What can I start doing now that will help me a lot in 5 years?” There is some truly excellent advice in there, and it makes me want to get going and doing!

I rarely keep watching Youtube ads after the 5 second delay is up, but this one caught my attention and I watched the entire thing. I still don’t really know what it is advertising, but it’s a stunningly beautiful video portrait of Vancouver and it made me want to live there forever and ever.

Taza made a video of her favourite spots on the Upper West Side of New York City and that too gave me some serious wanderlust.

Famous, powerful men talking honestly about sexual assault and how to stop it? And it’s endorsed by the White House? I love it.

An elegant phrase that can help you get out of doing anything you’re uncomfortable with. It’s like sleight of hand! Off the top of my head, I can think of about 5 situations in the past where having this language would have helped me say no. Important stuff.

How to find meaningful work: career advice for millennials. (via Millennial Abroad)

Awesome advice as usual from MarieTV about creating lasting changes in your life.

I watched a lot of VlogBrothers videos this week (after reading the fabulous book Looking For Alaska and watching The Fault in Our Stars trailer 3 times) and was especially inspired by this video of book recommendations. It made me want to read a book a day until I was as well-read as John Green.

I love This American Life every single week, but this week it had a story on hospices and the truly amazing people who work at them, and it really touched me.

Laci Green is a feminist, and so am I, and if you needed some persuasion as to why you should be too, check out this video she made this week. Good stuff.

Two Instagram accounts I loved this week: @sarahyates and @3191milesapart. Both accounts have amazing food and lifestyle pictures and just seem to embody living a good life.

Some oldies-but-goodies: a hand-knit red-and-grey checkered blanket, delicious easy homemade chive bread.


I cannot believe it’s May! For the 4-day weekend we have in Korea, I’m going to Seoul with a few friends. I’m excited to see some beautiful old buildings, eat lots of traditional Korean food, and enjoy my time off. You can see all my adventures there by following me on Instagram! I hope you have an excellent weekend.