Pullman Wine Bar

I don’t usually post restaurant reviews on my blog, because I like to keep the content I post non region-specific. However, I love Montreal, so from now on I’ll be posting the occasional review of local hotspots. You can find the collection of these posts under the category name “Montreal”.

Nestled in between a massive hotel reconstruction and a hot new New York City style cafe, Pullman bar a vin is a bit of a hidden gem. A recent informal poll of the local student population revealed that about 50% don’t even know it’s there, despite its location directly across the street from one of the major grocery stores in the area. Granted, from the outside it doesn’t really look like much, the interior is usually fairly dark and all that distinguishes the restaurant is a simple white sign. Step inside, though, and you’re greeted with a massive, sparkling chandelier made of stemware. The lights are low, the music is pumping, and the atmosphere is bubbling with conversation and clinking glasses.