Photo Walk: Logos

All of these photos (save the first one) were taken at Montreal’s Beer Fest yesterday evening. The first is of a bottle of wine that I bought purely because I was in love with its label (it tastes pretty great too, luckily!).

It was my first time at Beer Fest, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They have such an enormous selection, and the mood of the festival is so fun and boisterous. My friend Laura and I both love a good label, and we were thrilled by the adorable/catchy labels and brands that were showing yesterday. Above are some of my favourites. Unfortunately, the festival is held in an incredibly ugly conference centre, so the lighting is awful. Pair that with the fact that I was drinking, and it explains why a few of these photos are on the blurry side. Blame it on the beer!

Summer, So Far

Summer so far has been gorgeous. Good food and long walks, in all variations, have so far been the staples in my summer life. I was back with my family last week, who I adore. My life always seems a little brighter with all of them around, and my photos are more dynamic. I’ve been working a lot, as I will from here on out, but I am also making time to enjoy the flowers, cook and bake delicious things, sit out in the sun, have long talks with good friends, create some awesome new projects (at least two of them will be announced over the next couple posts!), and soak up summer as much as I can.


A Week In The Life

This year, I ‘participated’ in Ali Edwards’ A Week In The Life project. The gist of it is that you document a week in your life, complete with words, pictures, and scraps of paper – a mini scrapbook, a snapshot of your current life. I’ve always enjoyed documenting things, mainly through journalling, because I find myself so surprised when I look back over old entries and read about the details of my life back then. That’s probably why this project appealed to me last week. That, and I knew that it was ‘hell week’ for exams, and I would be needing some creative coping. As I’ve mentioned before, I have my own favourite ways of expressing my creativity, and I realize they might not appeal to everyone reading. I wanted to share my week anyhow! This was the week of April 23-29.

My first page has a few self-portraits, plus a photo of my zippered bag which was a total highlight of that week. The yellow graph paper holds some journalling about the week. The grey card just lists some of the things I liked during those 7 days. And the little tag has a few mottoes that kept popping up: capture magic, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good enough, and the whole is greater that the sum of its parts. The photo at the bottom left is of me right after I got my sewing machine – I was so happy!

The back side of the title page has a bunch more self-portraits from throughout the week. I kept some sewing machine instructions, and wrote a little about the week. The right hand page is the day of the 23rd! I kept a to-do list, slotted in some photos, and wrote a bit about what I did that day.

More of the same – photos and journalling cards. The page for the 25th is one of my favourites, because I custom-made the layout using my sewing machine.

And I am obsessed with that photo of eggs! I also printed my stats from the Nike+ GPS app for my run on the 26th. The 27th was a quiet, study-filled day, and I like how the page and photos reflect that.

For the final 2 days, I didn’t have very much to add – only a handful of photos and very little else! I barely left my house those last few days before exams. So I packaged them into one page, and I like how it turned out.

I love this album. It was really fun to make, because I got to play around with paper and photos. And it is fun to look back at, because it keeps track of all the little details of everyday life. My album certainly doesn’t look like some of the other Week In The Life albums, mostly because I’m a bit amateurish, especially with this new plastic photo-sleeve type of scrapbooking. But that’s okay – I did my own thing! And I had lots of fun with it. It was a welcome distraction after a long night of studying.

I hope sincerely that today (and all days) your life is great, your life is grand, and that you smile to yourself when you walk down the street today for no reason except for that life is amazing. I hope you laugh a lot and get 20 hugs. I hope you get everything checked off your to-do list and see a friend and start or finish a book and enjoy some nice weather. Count your blessings and keep on smiling! Happy Monday.

Around Here

Around here, there’s been a lot of book-learnin’. A lot of library-goin’. A lot of sitting on a chair. Not a lot of sunlight.

Even still, around here there’s been a lot of small, quiet, magic moments. Like the time I learned how to make poached eggs. Or the time I ordered some pretty labels and a date stamp and some photo paper and made my own day. Or when I made ginger syrup and let it simmer all night, making my apartment smell divine. There was also the arrival of my sewing machine! And the completion of my first sewing project! And there have been a hundred other sweet moments lately: like hysterically laughing with your BFF in a way you only can after studying for hours, or eating a quiet lunch and sneaking in a few pages of a book, or finding great new music on 8tracks.

All in all, even though exams are stressful and sassy (in a bad way), it’s nice to take a second to be grateful for all the goodness I have in my life. Lucky girl.

(But man, am I ready to be done!)

Happy Wednesday.