Project 365: Week 5

Happy Thursday! I love Thursdays, don’t you? Tantalizingly close to the weekend, so everything seems so much brighter and happier. Nothing like Tuesdays!

I love this project, even though it does prove difficult some days. This past week has been stressful, so finding both time and things to photograph has been a challenge. I’m sure this will continue – and hopefully it will force me to be more creative or make more things!

Home for the Holidays

Well, I made it through exams in one piece, caught my train, and passed my driving test (today! Yippee!! No more driving tests…ever!). The rest of my time at home so far has been spent quietly baking, trimming the tree, DIY-ing Christmas gifts (shh! It’s a secret!), having lovely cups of tea with lovely people, and admiring the lights. The kitties have been keeping me company, and it’s nice to be back in such a loud, boisterous household full of opinionated women. I’m still adjusting to it, but it’s nice.

Hope your holidays are off to an amazing start!

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