September + October

Since I’ve had slightly more free time the last few days, post-midterm, I finally got my act together editing the video for the past two months. Sadly, it had to be one of those doubled-up videos, because heading back-to-school meant a lot less fun activities and a lot more sitting around in apartments studying and occasionally drinking some wine.

I’m pretty thrilled that I’ve kept this project up. Even though this is only a 2 minute video, and lots of events from the month didn’t make it in, it’s still a visual memory of this time in my life, and for that it’s important. This was never going to be a perfect project, it can’t ever capture everything. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to me!

The idea for making the monthly videos came to me randomly, it wasn’t on any list of goals or New Year’s Resolutions. Yet it’s probably my favourite project of 2012. I enjoy making them because watching the people I care about laughing and smiling and dancing makes me happy.