Compost Cookies

Guys, who am I?

One day, I’m like: “look at me making healthy changes!” The next, “put every delicious item in your pantry into buttery cookie dough and then put it in your face”. In my defence? Christina Tosi is clearly a psycho, in the best possible way. I also hasten to add: I’m giving all of these away, after I eat a couple.

These cookies are sisters with the cornflake-marshmallow cookies I made earlier this year, because they were both birthed by Momofuku Milk Bar. Speaking of sisters, I love both of mine. In one week, one of them got a cooler-than-thou (and by thou I mean me) cartilage piercing and the other applied to go on exchange in Vienna and be a boss. This is just the usj in my family. Also it was my beautiful, wonderful mother’s birthday yesterday so like, shoutoutz mama! You da best. (Not that I don’t do a shoutout to my mother in every single post I’ve ever written, ever..). Dad, you rock too, I hope you are wearing your snazzy pink pinstriped shirt to work today. Keep on keeping on.

Make these cookies. They have a cup of butter in them and butter makes people happy. I suggest you give these away to everyone you love, like, or see on street, because they are day-makers. Bonus: you can put absolutely anything you want in them, sky’s the limit. I used peanut butter M&Ms, mini chocolate chips, and salt-and-vinegar potato chips (yes I did)(and it was awesome)(so there).

After a thoroughly over-cooked first batch, I learned that right around the 14 minute mark is good for these babies. Also, do not skimp on your refrigeration time. Even after chilling the dough balls for over 24 hours, they spread out and melted almost instantly in the oven. If you didn’t chill them beforehand, I’m guessing you’d pull out a tray that was just corner-to-corner, tray-sized cookie. Of course, if that’s what you’re into, all the power, my friend.

I got the Compost Cookie recipe from Krissy’s Creations, an awesome food blog that does a recipe from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook every Monday. Those recipes are nonsense, but amazing.

Happy eats, and Happy Monday. This going to be an amazing week for all of us, I am sure of it. xo.

Momofuku Cookies

Heavens to Betsy. Who wants to take a pilgrimage to Milk Bar with me? Friends, they have things called Cereal Milk (like the stuff at the bottom of a bowl of Froot Loops) and Crack Pie. Crack pie. It’s like I secretly became Christina Tosi’s muse and I don’t even know it. Because I want everything they sell. Everything.

Of course, since I don’t live in NYC, I have to make do with homemade versions of their food. So I decided to make cornflake-chocolate-marshmallow cookies a few weeks ago. They did not disappoint. I still have some in a jar in my kitchen, if you want to come over and have one? There are also a few unbaked in the freezer if you’re a fan of raw dough. I can share.

These cookies are really easy. The only hard part is beating the dough for about 10 minutes – apparently, that’s so that we’ll be able to incorporate as much butter as possible into the cookies, without them melting in the oven. Of course, I’m impatient, so a few of mine melted a bit in the oven. I survived.

Let’s make em, shall we?

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I Like Links

Photo thans to endless smile

Because it’s Wednesday. Because I have a midterm later. Because I’m trying to write a novel in a month. Because my brain is still boggled from TEDx and I don’t feel like coming up with any original ideas just yet…

…I decided to give you links to the beauty that other people have created. Yay, outsourcing!

The Bloggess (aka funniest person on earth) released this blog post a little while ago. I’ve never laughed so hard at a computer screen before. And I was in the library, where laughter is looked down upon. Gee, thanks Jenny.

I loved this list: 30 Books to Read Before 30. It’s interesting – I started reading a couple that made the list just a few weeks ago. Interesting how that synchronicity stuff works, isn’t it?

Every week, I get really excited on Monday nights. Wanna know why? It’s because every Tuesday morning there’s a little missile in my email inbox from Marie Forleo, queen of entrepreneurship. She makes Q&A Tuesday videos that are chock-full of advice for every area of life and business. I wish more people made quality product like this!

Danielle Laporte is master whiz at packing a punch with her blog posts. Her latest one was no exception, it’s about doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. Very inspiring!

I CANNOT stop watching the trailer for The Hunger Games. I just can’t, y’all. It’s right here, but watch at your own risk – you may fall into a deep depression when you realize it doesn’t come out until March 23.

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