My 7 Links

Today I got a lovely email from Tripbase blog, informing me that I’d been nominated as a My 7 Links blogger! I’d like to take this opportunity to thoroughly thank whoever it was that nominated me – I am very flattered. If you’re unfamiliar with the program (as I was, I’m sorry to say!) then you should check out the rules here. The gist of it is that I’m meant to sort through my archives and pick out the gems – a pretty cool idea, if you ask me! A “best-of” post, so to speak. So, without further ado: my 7 links.

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News + Link Love

I just realized this morning that I hadn’t tweeted in a week. Nor had I posted on my blog. What’s up with that? I haven’t been myself lately, that’s for certain. I’ve felt under the weather, both physically and mentally, and that could have something to do with the actual weather. It’s been rainy, grey, damp, cold, downright disgusting. I’m sick of it. I’m heading back to my apartment this Friday, so I’m hoping the change of scenery will kick me out of my funk, once and for all.

Exciting News: Free Life In Limbo Newsletter!

I do have an exciting announcement: I’ve started a blog newsletter! What does this mean? Once a month, I’ll be writing a jazzy little email about the blog: links to articles I’ve written during the past few weeks, and any news or other updates I have. It’s perfect for people who don’t use a RSS reader, because you’ll automatically be kept in the loop. Sound good? Well, then enter your email, either here or in the side bar of the blog! Let’s have some fun with this.

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Welcome to Life In Limbo!

Hi! Hello! How y’all doing?

I’m positively ecstatic that you’re here and that you’re reading. Honestly! I couldn’t be happier. One way or another, you’ve wound up here, and that’s the best news I’ve heard all day!

Most of you will know me from In Limbo, but if you’re unaware, I’m effieboo and it’s lovely to meet you.

In the video below, I dance to some sick beats, I outline the changes to the blog, and I let you know what’s in store for Life In Limbo. Exciting, right? So check it out!

I’m so excited for us to start this adventure together. So if you:

  • liked/disliked the video…
  • liked/disliked the dancing…
  • like/dislike the website…
  • like/dislike me…

…let me know! Holla at me. I have an email, which makes it easy. Or you could tweet me: @effieboo. Or you could leave a comment below! See how simple it is? I would faint of happiness if you contacted me. Fo realz.

The music in the video is “Don’t Stop” by 90’s Finest – an awesome new up-and-coming band. Check out their Facebook page here, and be sure to follow them on Twitter!


Much love peeps,