Inside My Second Korean Apartment

Korean Apartment Tour

When I first moved to Korea, I shared photos of my apartment for anybody curious back home (hi Grandma! hi Mom!) or anybody curious in general. I remember how nervous I was about moving here in the months leading up to my departure, and I remember how great it was to see pictures of my friend Dylan’s apartment before I left. So if there’s anybody out there about to move to Korea to be a teacher at a hagwon and curious about what your accommodations will be like, perhaps this post can shed some light.


This is the beautiful wall of windows I’m greeted with every time I step into my apartment. As you can see, I have no furniture apart from my bed (actually a futon) and a couple of little tables left by the previous tenant. I could really use a desk! But I’m making do for now by using my little built in table in my kitchen.


I really love this table feature. It’s been working out wonderfully so far, but I’ve only lived here for two sleeps so we’ll see what I start using the space for as time goes on. The stools were also left behind and I love them too. My personal motto appears to be: “The more colour, the better!!”


The Disney decals on the walls were also already there – aren’t they funny? The kitchen is very similar to my last one – it has two gas burners and the washing machine underneath. But my last kitchen didn’t have Winnie the Pooh so I think this apartment is winning.


I also love this little table directly across from the kitchen. I’ve used it to store all my precious little things – a Ganesh god statuette that was a gift from my mom, a candle from Israel from my best friend, a rubber ducky I took from a fountain outside a love motel in Japan, you know, the usual. I killed off my succulent plant (typical, for me) so I repurposed its pink container to be a change jar. The full length mirror behind this table is also awesome.


Lots of closet space, which is great, and I hung up my felt bunting across the ceiling because it refused to stick to the wall. I helped make miles of that bunting for Market Day at my last school and took some of the extras home. I love having it in here, it makes every day feel like a party!


My reading materials and my bedspread and a little inherited table.


A messy cabinet, with lots of storage!


The bathroom, featuring a sneak peek of my ajumma pants (which I adore). My shower in this new place has a door (yay!) but the bottom isn’t totally sealed off so the water runs over the floor into the drain near the sink (not so yay!). It’s a good compromise, since some showers have no door or separation and all your stuff gets wet every time! I’m happy that I have an in-between-style shower.

And that’s that! It’s my second day at the new job today and I’m a bit overwhelmed but I’m just trying to work hard and do my best. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually!

Dare I say I like this apartment better than my first one? I think it has more personality! And more light! And fewer neighbours across the way! I might need to buy a few more things to make it more homey, but it’s really great.

Inside My Korean Apartment

KAI can hardly believe I’ve been living in Korea for a week and a half. In some ways it feels like I’ve been here much longer than that, and in other ways it feels like I got here only yesterday. I’m settling in pretty well though overall, and I thought I’d share a glimpse of my apartment for anyone curious back home!

DSC_0124I live approximately 5 minutes walking distance from the school I’m working at, in a large apartment building right next to my friend Dylan’s building. I can actually see his window from the lobby on my floor where I wait for the elevators! I’ve never lived in an apartment tower before (I’m not the biggest fan of waiting for elevators) but it’s in a perfect location and so far has worked out great. My door has a keypad, which I adore, because it makes me feel like a spy punching in a secret code. 

DSC_0138It’s a relatively small apartment, but I still feel like I have lots of space to move around. I might need to invest in a couch so that I can have people over, but I’m also enjoying being able to practice yoga facing my big window. 

DSC_0129True to Stephanie form, I outfitted my space with as many pops of colour as I could muster. Luckily, the local dollar store chain, Daiso, is all too happy to oblige – they have lots of neons and rainbow colours for not a lot of money! The kitchen doesn’t have a lot of counter space, which I’m getting used to, but that being said, I think it actually has more than my first ever apartment! I have two gas burners, no oven, and a washing machine. I think I’ll be investing in a toaster oven soon. 

DSC_0137Here’s the view from the bed. On the far right is a big closet, and there’s another by the door. 

DSC_0131I was pretty relieved that I have a “Western-style” shower, one that’s closed off from the rest of the bathroom. In many Korean apartments it isn’t, so when you shower everything gets wet. I definitely had a hallelujah moment when I saw that mine had a real door and everything! The bathroom is right across the hall from the kitchen space. 

DSC_0146And last but not least, my beloved desk. I (crookedly) put up that pink wall decal (yes, from Daiso!) to serve as a kind of bulletin board, but I haven’t gotten around to putting anything up on it yet.

DSC_0007This is the view from my apartment if I lean precariously out the window to the right. Straight ahead of me on a cloudy day, the view is like this: 

DSC_0005Either way, not too shabby. The beach is just behind those buildings! 

The apartment is still a bit of a work in progress, but it’s growing on me the more I make it my own. I have all the things I need now to cook and clean, along with a few cute things that make me happy. I’ve heard that the apartments foreign teachers get can be kind of yucky, so I feel like I really lucked out. I like my little apartment! It’s going to be just perfect for my year in Korea.