How To Get A Summer Job, Part 2

You can find Part 1 of this miniseries here.

Photo thanks to Andy B Goode

I was talking about summer employment the other day with a few friends, and it got me thinking about my first article on the subject. I thought I’d made most of the appropriate points, but it occurred to me that I very much wrote it from the point of view of my upbringing and my inbred knowledge about how one is supposed to go about these things.

Bad move, sista! Clearly, not everyone had “professionalism” drilled into them from birth – not everyone applied at the grocery store in grade 9 wearing a little skirt suit. This is clear to me, because now that I have a full-time job, I see the hoards of people “cold-calling” our store to ask for work. And guess what honey? They ain’t all prepared.

So just in case you’re in any way unsure about the teensy details of how to approach your job hunt, look no further! Let’s go back to basics.

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How To Get A Summer Job

Photo thanks to Cavanimages

Before I start, let me declare loud and clear: I am not an expert in this subject! This post will be an accumulation of all the wisdom and tips I’ve gained either through my own experience or by listening to others, and it certainly won’t be the be-all-and-end-all of job-hunting guides by any means. Hopefully it will contain enough information to give you an extra boost in your search for employment this summer! Behold, a few of the pointers I’ve learned.

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