Giving Thanks

Today I’m very thankful for a lot of things.

For being healthy, for being able to take care of myself, for being happy.

For a family that is also happy and healthy, as well as boisterous, smart, and funny.

For getting to spend the weekend seeing loved ones, even ones I hadn’t seen in a long time!

For getting to spend the weekend playing with four dogs, three cats, and a gecko (not all of them belonging to my family!).

For packed lunches on the train.

For the internet (always).

For long talks about my future with my family, who never get tired of helping me work things out.

For taking my baby sister driving, even though it astonishes me that she’s old enough to have her license.

For David Mitchell’s novels.

For my camera, and how it can capture such happy moments.

For hikes in the changing fall leaves.

For this article that reassures me I’m not the only one who cares too much.

For spending time just being with my family – even if it sometimes means watching Long Island Medium and Chopped until our eyes glaze over.

For always being able to go home, and be home.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you’re feeling as grateful and loved as I am today. xo.

Count Your Blessings

Chances are, today you’re luckier than most.

You probably know where your loved ones are. You don’t have to look for them on the internet.

You can go to the grocery store and buy as much food as you want. You aren’t limited to 5 items at a makeshift outdoor supermarket.

You feel safe. You’re not worried about possible nuclear meltdown.

You’re in the comfort of your own home. You haven’t been evacuated to a shelter, leaving behind most of your posessions.

You’re healthy and happy. You aren’t part of a tragic, ever-growing death toll.

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