Xoxo, Gossip Girl

So I have a question: is Gossip Girl becoming as elitist as it’s characters? Does it want to exclude new viewers?

I admit this would be a silly thing to do for a tv show, considering ratings and whatnot, so maybe what I saw was just bad direction. I walked in on my sister watching the show and was immediately completely lost. The scene was so jumpy! It just kept jilting and pausing and going to new characters and having long silences. In retrospect, it was sort of terrible. The bad acting in the next scene by Blair Waldorf (god love her style) didn’t help matters either. Maybe I should bite my tongue until I watch the full episode but I felt the need to make a comment on it. I seriously hope it’s not going downhill for these reasons:

  1. The clothes are absolutely fabulous
  2. The actors are gorgeous
  3. I love watching glamour in action
  4. Kristen Bell has a sexy voice!

I’ve seen only a few episodes in the past (only a few, I never catch tv) and enjoyed them, but it was a bad scene I think! Confusing, shifty and not glamourous in the least.