Carrot Ginger Soup

Carrot Ginger Soup

I’m over at Guinea Pigging Green today sharing the recipe for this delicious, cozy soup. Ever since the weather shifted to become cooler, I’ve been trying to soak up every minute of Fall. It’s my favourite season and it’s so short in Canada, but in Busan I’ve heard it stretches out over a few months. I now consistently need a scarf when I go out, and have started to add some layers to my outfits as well. I’ve been drinking hot beverages and gravitating towards warm meals, including soups. At home, my mom makes a soup every week for lunches and dinners and I’ve been trying to follow suit, although less reliably than once a week. This is only my second of the season, but I am hooked on the simplicity of them – both the making and the eating. My mom will laugh because I never wanted to eat much soup at home, but how things change when you’re living on your own!

Carrot Ginger Soup

I’m excited to start making soup more often and eating it in the cool evenings after work. This one is perfect because it has a little bit of a kick to it from the ginger, garlic and black pepper. Plus it’s bright orange! So it’s beautiful to boot.

You can find the recipe right here.

Chewy Ginger-Molasses Cookies

The light in my best friends’ apartment is pure magic. Their windows look out over half of Montreal, and day or night it’s a gorgeous view. Twinkling stars, Supermoons, and fireworks at night; diffused, beautiful sunlight by day. Needless to say, I spend a lot of my time staring out their wall of windows and basking in the light reflected off of the seemingly endless mirrors that line the adjacent wall. It’s heaven.

And all that light makes the apartment absolutely perfect for dance parties, watching movies, doing your hair or makeup, and of course: baking and photographing the results. We spend the majority of our time doing all of the above. These cookies were created on a grey, dreary day made brighter by friends and food. What isn’t made brighter by friends and food?

Thanks Joy the Baker, I owe you an eternal debt for all the amazing recipes you’ve provided me, and all the laughs I get (often in public) while listening to the Joy the Baker Podcast. Also, your site re-design is fantastic, girl. These cookies were terrific: here is the recipe!

Due to a mysterious absence of granulated sugar, we couldn’t roll ours in sugar before baking. The cookies were still amazing, but I bet it wouldn’t have hurt to have the extra sparkly finish. We baked them for about 13 minutes, taking them out before they looked totally done – because that’s the key to chewy cookies! Take them out a tiny bit early and let them settle down into ooey-gooey-chewy-love. These cookies are a bit more cake-y than chocolate chip cookies, for example, but still end up having a nice chew.

Best enjoyed warm from the oven, looking out over grey skies, with your best friend. D’aww. Happy Wednesday everybody!