Funfetti Cake!

Ain’t it just the cutest cake you ever did see? And guess what – this cake is famous. That’s right. Famous. You see, I tweeted a photo of it, with the caption “this cake is for the party”, which is the name of a book written by the great Sarah Selecky, who also has an awesome blog and sends out writing prompts every day. She’s real cool. Anyway, this happened:

Spoiler alert: I haven’t read the book, but I did borrow it from the library once. It’s weird that I feel guilty about that. I’ve always loved the title, though.

So the party cake is a famous cake. It was also a pretty cake. And perhaps most importantly, a yummy cake. I don’t know if you remember the Betty Crocker cake mix that made white cake with coloured spots inside it? Well, this is the grown-up homemade version of confetti cake mix. Funfetti, as it’s lovingly referred to in the blogosphere, has been exploding lately. (See what I mean?) So my first cake of the season, for my cutest friend, had to be a cute funfetti cake.

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