On Running a Triathlon

Ha! Nope, I am not suddenly a triathlete, but over on the podcast today we’re talking to a friend of ours who is.

I think one of my favourite things about having a podcast is that I have a handy little excuse to reach out to people I basically just want to talk to about something awesome they’re doing in the world. If I meet someone new and find them interesting, I tend to ask them about a million questions and usually my curiosity is still not satisfied. Not so on a podcast! This is one of the many reasons I’m (always) considering creating a new podcast to give me the chance to talk to a whole new group of people.

Sometimes, too, I get to reach out to old friends which is twice as nice. I knew Marina in university – we had lots of mutual friends and did a few science labs together. She’s followed my blog a bit in the past and I keep track of what she’s doing on Facebook. When I saw her post a picture of herself after a triathlon I was totally blown away! I finally reached out a few weeks ago and she was more than happy to come on the show and talk to us about how to approach running triathlons as a beginner. We learned so much and it was all so fascinating and totally inspiring.

You can listen to the episode right here.

(More) Thoughts On Running a 10K


Today on the podcast Laura and I are discussing our experiences running a 10K race. I know I covered the topic fairly thoroughly already but in case you missed it/were curious/want to learn more, it was a lot of fun to discuss on the show. The episode doesn’t have a lot of practical tips (I’m working on pulling together a post full of my tips and lessons learned soon!) but it shows two different approaches to running the same length of race.

We also talk about our fitness goals for the fall – I first shared mine for October here. I’m failing at the running distance goal, but my nightly walks are becoming a lovely part of my daily routine. Every time I start to feel too hunched over and anxious in the evenings at my computer, I go out to finish my 10,000 steps for the day and I always feel better when I get home. It’s a goal I think I’m going to roll over to next month for sure.

You can find the episode here or subscribe to us on iTunes here. Thanks for listening!