Inspiration | April 11

Inspiration April11

I loved this post about working smarter, not harder. The ideas about keeping track of what you’ve done (instead of only what you have to do) and automating your life are so great. 

An awesome reminder of how we can all boost our creativity every day.

I giggled at these feminist pick up lines. They’d all probably work on me!  

The Dear Clementine posts are always on point. I loved this one about what to do if people in your life are constantly being competitive with you. “Listen. Unless you’re Charlie Sheen, there is no winning at life. There will always be someone with a bigger house, sweeter children, and a better career. […] You can’t let others throw you off your game, Player. No matter the cards you’ve been dealt, it’s your hand and it’s the best hand in the house.”

Marie’s weekly video came at exactly the right time for me this week: How to Find Your Passion

I loved this article from Nubby Twiglet on building an audience and ideas for creating content. “If you want an audience that’s engaged and keeps coming back for more, create genuinely helpful content.”

I was starstruck (wink wink) by this hand-printed galaxy wall. So great. 

How awesome is this manifesto!?

Stop waiting for permission

Leo reminds us that the hard stuff often matters the most.

When I saw this quote my heart said “amen!”.  

New-to-me Instagram accounts I’ve been loving: @getlostwith (a group of creative friends on a roadtrip) and @takeamegabite (colourful and delicious!). 

Some oldies-but-goodies: On being uncomfortable, The Non-Believer’s Guide to Easy Organization


Bon weekend, toutlemonde!