How To Survive Exam Season, Part 2

Part 2! This was originally published April 25, 2010. If you’re in the middle of exams right now, this is my lifeline to you. Hang in there + good luck!

Time for part two everyone! I figure since I’m halfway through my exams at this point (and racing to the finish line) I can share three more strategies I employ frequently to remain alive and well during examinations. Last time I spoke mostly about physical health, this time it’s about mental health and stress management. As always, enjoy!

Lesson 4: Make a Detailed Study Plan

Photo Thanks to koalazymonkey

Yeah, it’s boring. Yeah, it’s tedious. Yeah, it helps.

I don’t ever want to suggest that a certain place to study, or a certain way to study is best (although I don’t really believe when people say they study best at night), but I do suggest that having a study calendar or plan will make your season much less stressful.

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