A Pie That Tastes Like Autumn

Since it’s midterm season, I tend to have long days and early nights with very little fun in between. Depressing, ain’t it?? Food, food blogs, cooking, eating: these have all been my moments of fun and delight in amongst the exhaustion. I love being able to surf the internet looking for delicious recipes and then replicating them as best as I can in my own kitchen. I’ve made so many delicious things lately! Chili, hot & sour soup, caramelized onion pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and more. But my favourite thing I’ve made lately? This pie.

Dubbed ‘Dad’s Perfect Sweet Potato Pie‘ by the oh-so-fabulous Joy the Baker, I can tell you right now that it is not a misnomer. It’s a foolproof recipe, and easily the simplest pie I’ve ever made.

Speaking of simple, did you know that you don’t have to roll out pie crust? Oh my gosh. This information was literally life changing. For a girl as obsessed with pie as I am, I could not be happier that the path to pie has gotten shorter and less complicated. I am eternally grateful!

And did I mention the best part? This pie tastes like autumn. Not a joke. It really does. You bite into it and immediately get transported back to your days of jumping in leaves and picking apples (even if you’re like me and those days happened last weekend). I made it for a lovely dinner I was having with my floor fellow from last year and two great friends. We all (myself included) adored it to bits. I have been hoarding the last slice in my fridge for days..muahahaha!

Alrightie. Now you can get the recipe from here, but I’m going to outline some of the steps with photos, for my own amusement. :)

Get your hands on 2 good sized sweet potatoes. This is a photo from after I boiled them and am about to peel away the skin and mash them all up into amazingness.

Note their beautiful texture and colour!

This is once most of the ingredients have been added: cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, evaporated milk. Please note also that I had to go back to the store to get evaporated milk since instead I bought condensed? What it wrong with me? Don’t yell and scream, I had just been walked home by a decently attractive member of the opposite sex. Maybe I was distracted. Maybe I had other things on my mind.. ;)

Om nom nom nom. Beautiful. When my friends came over on the way to dinner, I invited them all to try the filling. And they did. And it was delicious. Salmonella be damned!

I’ll let Joy take you through the wonders of this pie crust, but let me reiterate: it is so amazing. It is so simple. My life is so great.

Perfect. Puffy. Yummy.

Ay caramba!!

Do yourself a huge favour and make this pie. Then eat it. Lots of it. Three slices. I won’t judge you. No really. :)


Have lovely weekends!