Why Starting Sucks + Why You Should Do It Anyway

Image thanks to bradleypjohnson

Ooh, exciting. First new post on Life In Limbo. And very apt, too, since this post is about starting new things.

First, allow me to define “starting”. If you read Seth Godin, you’ll know what I mean. If you don’t read Seth Godin – what is wrong with you? Just kidding, but seriously get over there right now. And buy this book (Poke the Box). And read it.

Basically, the book can be summed up thusly (not that this does the book justice):

Start start start! Do it now! Feel the fear and don’t give a damn about it! Just do it!

“Starting” is, put simply, starting something. A project. A blog. A book. A website. A newspaper. It means putting into action that idea that’s been ruminating in your brain for months. It means stop thinking, start doing.

(For a considerably more succinct rendition of the above statements, turn to Seth – he is much more eloquent than I.)