On Routines

Routine is despair’s sly assassin.

This is one of my momma’s favourite mantras. By extension (and repetition), it’s becoming one of mine too. Sure, it’s a little dramatic, but pretty effective in getting the point across. Without following my routines, I feel all discombobulated, unproductive and (my turn to be dramatic) chaotic. I know there are many who prefer to take each day as it comes, but structure is a very important part of my life.

Note: I actually wrote this, not just for this post. My real thoughts.

At this stage in my life, I’m constantly trying to develop new skills, improve, better myself, and experience new things. I find that without a plan/routine in place, these self-improvement goals for myself fall by the wayside. Yes, in the moment it can definitely be a little annoying to have to set aside time to write a novel/take a picture/exercise, but in the long run I am always, without fail happier if I’ve accomplished what I set out to accomplish. Seeing the Project365 collage grow or the checkmarks adding up on my exercise chart is enough to reinforce these habits for me.