Home for the Holidays

Well, I made it through exams in one piece, caught my train, and passed my driving test (today! Yippee!! No more driving tests…ever!). The rest of my time at home so far has been spent quietly baking, trimming the tree, DIY-ing Christmas gifts (shh! It’s a secret!), having lovely cups of tea with lovely people, and admiring the lights. The kitties have been keeping me company, and it’s nice to be back in such a loud, boisterous household full of opinionated women. I’m still adjusting to it, but it’s nice.

Hope your holidays are off to an amazing start!

Butter Tart Squares

Stress baking.

A term that unfortunately I am all too familiar with.

For some bizarre reason, whenever I feel:

a) Out of it; b) Stressed; c) Like there aren’t enough hours in the day; d) All of the above

I get an urge to escape those awful feelings and bake something, preferably something that doesn’t take up too much time, is delicious, and can be shared with friends should I ever have enough time for a social life. It’s a fairly counter-intuitive process, since baking something usually takes up time and energy, but it happens anyway. Stress baking isn’t logical, y’all!

The past couple days, I’ve been really nervous for my midterm exam (tomorrow) in my Cognition class. There’s a ton of information to learn, including 11 extremely detailed coronal sections of the human brain, and yes, I am expected to learn every single structure. Is it bad to admit that I’ve only memorized 7 so far?

Plus I have NaNo, plus I have exercise class tonight, plus I’m not sure what I’m going to make for dinner. Probably perogies. I was also a bit peeved/irritable because I did a work-out video yesterday, hoping it would pump me with some endorphins and give me a little energy boost. NO SUCH LUCK. Instead I felt even more exhausted and irritable. Boo!

So this morning, when I woke up, I decided to make butter tart squares. That just sounds like all kinds of goodness, doesn’t it? They’re extremely easy, require very few ingredients, and are probably the most delicious thing you’ll eat all week. Let me show you how to make them.

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Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Things I dislike: plug-ins that screw up my website, having to get my wisdom teeth out, waking up tired, mushy bananas. Yuck yuck and double yuck.

Things I like: dancing around to this video, late-night walks around the sparkling city, getting inspiration for my NaNo novel, repurposing mushy bananas into something magical.

This is Real Life people, and it’s happening all the time. No more nestling up in the high school cocoon of comfort. It’s the time for strangers telling you they’re going to cut your teeth in half, long walks during which you talk about your feelings, and phone calls from your Mom instead of hugs. It’s also the time for watching too much tv and eating as many sea-salt sprinkled chocolate chip cookies as you want, so I guess it’s okay. (Don’t worry Mom, I didn’t eat that many.)

You know what else Real Life means? It means you should learn to make banana bread. Why? I don’t know. It seems like a grown-up skill. It seems like you’re saying “Look at me! I can use ingredients up! I am not wasteful. I am resourceful.” Also banana bread is delicious, so you might just want to put it in your mouth. Who am I to question your motives?

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

Oh hot damn, this is my jam. It’s got me partying til the A.M. Y’all don’t understand! It’ll make you throw your hands in the ayer, ay-ay-ay-ayer.

You know what’s awesome? What’s awesome is when you walk into the grocery store and are literally barraged by the scent of fresh, local, intoxicating produce. Like, for example, these beautiful Quebec strawberries: they were begging me to take them home. And although they weren’t big fat GMOs with all that swagger, they were cute, humble, far-more-flavourful nuggets of juice that took my breath away. I lopped off the tops and have been using them to trap my fruit flies ever since. Amen.

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