The Best List, by Stephanie

This list is inspired by the magnificent Danielle Laporte’s Best Lists vol 1 and 2. She’s amazing, and her list is more focused & grown-up than mine, but these are the things that I love. Expect more installments in the future!

The New York City Public Library

Apple Trailers. Glossy, high quality anticipation. Bite-sized movies. Entertainment at its finest?

Yummy Earth lollipops. Pomegranate, strawberry, green apple, grape, cherry, blueberry. 22 calories. Big flavour.

Voluspa candles. Preferably Maison Blanc collection, 12 oz, in Pink Citron or Saijo Persimmon.

The 4 Minute Workout. Gets your heart beating, metabolism working, muscles toned.

Mason jars. To be used as juice cups, wine glasses, candy/spice/sugar cube storage, vases, change jars..

Netflix. Cheap, legal, high quality. Syncs automatically from my computer to my phone. Good selection + growing.

Exercise balls = desk chairs. Balance, core exercise, bouncy bouncy fun!

Moleskine notebooks. I use them for everything from food logs to recipe books to journals to scrapbooks.

Cubano sandwiches. Sauteed mushrooms, mashed avocado, garlic mayonnaise, melted Monterey Jack.

St. Ives Clear Pore Cleanser + Tea Tree OilBlemishes be gone! I’ve never had clearer skin in my life.

Everyday Food magazine. Inspiration to cook at home!
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