Inspiration: November 2

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Inspiration November 2 >> Life In Limbo

This week The Vault, a project that I am so proud to be a part of, was featured in CBC Arts. It is such a thoughtful piece explaining exactly why we believe so wholeheartedly in these stories, and in doing this work. If you’re interested in the idea of women claiming space for their stories read the piece here and join The Vault here! Even if you never read a single story, your $5 a month helps support the kind of art and stories you want to see in the world. Worth it.

So obsessed with the idea of raising other people’s aspirations. I think that many of us do this intuitively, and I also find that this is a huge piece of the work that I do strategically with entrepreneurs: simply showing them what more could be possible. Love this idea!

Probably couldn’t love this article about “struggle porn” (aka the lie that we all have to hustle and burn out on the way to our dreams) any more. I am so grateful to anyone calling out the b.s. mentalities we’re seeing coming out of the entrepreneurial world lately and showing us another way (forever shoutout Jocelyn Glei & Basecamp).

Thank you for existing Seth Godin, my friend! Loved this article about how we are not too good for systemsI may get this tattooed on my body: “If it matters enough to be careful, it matters enough to build a system around it.”

I continually feel called to start blogging daily because I have a feeling it would probably change my life, but I get nervous about it. Here’s Austin Kleon on why it’s great, and Seth again explaining why it matters.

I love the idea of cooking as a form of self-care, and this is a beautiful essay. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m well on my way! Big ups to Sonja the genius for nudging me down this path.

I started Insecure Season 3 this week and I am so happy! Long live this tv show, for real.

I am really excited that this weekend I am running my very first workshop! On the surface it’s about managing your email inbox, but its sneaky purpose is to teach us how to set better boundaries and be more productive at work. If you’re in Toronto, I’d love to have you there! If not, I have gotten requests to do the workshop online so stay tuned!

This week on the podcast I’m talking about the importance of getting your mind into the lane of the long game, and the strategies I use to keep myself motivated when things take a long time.

On the whole I am feeling happy and fulfilled and pleased with how things are going, even though I also feel busy and mildly stressed and scattered. I know that on the whole, things are wonderful, better than wonderful. My BFF is coming to visit next week and I am already so excited for all the food we will eat and the fun we will have. And the weekend after is Nurture: what?! It’s going to be absolutely incredible. I can’t wait. This weekend is full of good things and hopefully one entire day of just relaxing. I hope you have a good weekend too! xo.

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