Photo Walk: Logos

All of these photos (save the first one) were taken at Montreal’s Beer Fest yesterday evening. The first is of a bottle of wine that I bought purely because I was in love with its label (it tastes pretty great too, luckily!).

It was my first time at Beer Fest, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They have such an enormous selection, and the mood of the festival is so fun and boisterous. My friend Laura and I both love a good label, and we were thrilled by the adorable/catchy labels and brands that were showing yesterday. Above are some of my favourites. Unfortunately, the festival is held in an incredibly ugly conference centre, so the lighting is awful. Pair that with the fact that I was drinking, and it explains why a few of these photos are on the blurry side. Blame it on the beer!

Photo Walk: Purple

Words escape me today, so I’ll just give you photos.

I took inspiration from Elise (as usual, she is unbelievably inspiring) and decided to start my own photo walks and feature them on the blog. The idea is to choose a theme (a colour, a pattern, a shape, etc) and walk around for a little while taking photos that fit the theme. This is a wonderfully diverting activity. I loved my first walk, because it really forces you to be aware of your surroundings and appreciate the small details.

My first theme was purple, chosen after randomly seeing some beautiful flowerpots at the beginning of my walk. I like the photos I got, and I hope to do this again soon – it was really fun. Hope you enjoy.