Photo Walk: Pattern

Photo Walk Pattern


























Looking back on the post, it feels like forever ago that I did my first pattern photo walk. But while I was walking around with my eyes peeled for patterns, the process felt very familiar, like I’d done it only last week – in fact, I often notice beautiful patterns on my walks, whether or not I photograph them. There’s something very soothing about having a small, easy task to mindlessly complete. It gives my hands something to do while I listen to a podcast and try and get out of my head for a few minutes. And after the news I got on Monday, my walk today was especially helpful.

Whenever I do photo walks or photo projects (like Steph Loves Today or Project 365, for example) I tend to be hard on myself and get discouraged about each individual photo. It’s only when I see the photos all grouped together that I can fully appreciate them and am reminded that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is a good reminder for life too, I think: individual days might feel underwhelming or stagnant, but when you look at them strung together, it’s easier to see the beauty of all the ordinary moments. Or the days might feel overwhelming and the problems they hold insurmountable, but a few months later they’ll blur together and make more sense. I’m trying to remember that this week.

These photos were taken on an hour-long walk from my apartment to Haeundae beach and back, at around 11AM on a cloudy day. I used my 35mm f1.8 lens and shot in manual mode.

Photo Walk: Farmer’s Market

I love the fact that even though I live in a big, very urban city, you can still find pockets of freshness and nature everywhere. One of my favourite summertime destinations is the Jean Talon farmer’s market – for me, only a metro ride away. I never fail to be inspired by all the beautiful produce, because it’s so totally gorgeous, is it not?! Most of the time I’m too busy lugging around a big bag of something (potatoes, onions, perhaps a tomato plant) to be able to capture my favourite market sights on camera. The last time I went, though, I wasn’t planning on buying much (although a gelato, a wedge of cheese and a decorative garlic braid came home with me), so I just followed my friends around, taking photos as I went. I’m really happy with how some of them turned out, but I guess I’ll just let the fresh produce speak for itself!

All these photos were taken around 11:30PM in early September. Enjoy!

Photo Walk: Pattern

This one was really fun. I love love LOVE projects that remind me that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. While I was walking around my neighbourhood, taking photos of patterns, I didn’t particularly love any of the photos I took. But seeing them all together makes me inexplicably happy. I recently made a mockup of a photobook that I’m going to order when I’m finished Project 365, and almost fell off my chair because I was so thrilled about how all the photos looked all together. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere, but I’m too hungry to stop and figure it out.

All of these photos were taken around 12:30PM on a sunny day in my neighbourhood. I got the idea for photo walks from Elise. To see other photo walks I’ve done, look here.

Happy Wednesday!

Photo Walk: Apartment Details

Lately, I’ve been inspired to continue adding homey touches to the space I call home. I spend a lot of time in my little apartment, and though the walls are starkly white (yellow in the kitchen), I think it’s important to make this space feel like a reflection of me.

Clearly, as these photos show, I adore bright colours and funky patterns. I’ve always been this way, ever since I decorated my childhood bedroom lime green with a curvy orange stripe. In high school, I plastered one wall with paper flotsam and jetsam: magazine cutouts, cards, photos, etc. It was perfect for me at the time, but I like to think I’ve matured (if only a little!). Now, I have one gallery wall that is slowly growing – it houses the same type of stuff, but framed and arranged a little more neatly. Even though this space isn’t permanent, it is my home for at least a little longer, and I love how all the little details I’ve added help it to feel cozy.

My “gallery wall” (clockwise from left): my childhood dreamcatcher, a framed card from a close family friend, DIY poster art, my framed Ryan Gosling autograph (yep, I’m a nerd), a beautiful print my sister brought back from China, my own photo.
 1. Flower wall decals in my kitchen. 2. A spray-painted can that holds my pencils and pens. 3. A frame I found on the street, filled with postcards from a Riopelle exhibit and my own photos. 4. A succulent that has taken the place of my old plant in my DIY hanging container. 5. Happy Buddha that a friend brought me back from NYC. 6. Poster from the 2012 Montreal International Jazz Festival. 7. A carved turtle that was my Grandfather’s, collected shells and stones from Mexico, and a carved wood figure of lovers. 8. Mason jar filled with lavender. 9. A butterfly ornament and terracotta “peace” letters. 10. The feathers from my dreamcatcher. 11. My favourite candles on a vintage cake stand. 12. Paper lantern from NYC Chinatown. 13. My own photo.