Soft Drinks and Aisle Seats

Yes, I am one of those. One of those people you absolutely cannot stand. I talk loudly. I gasp. I exclaim! I use exclamation points in my speech. Sometimes I sing along to the songs they play. And I’m also the obnoxious one crawling over your legs with potentially the worst timing ever because I have to pee.

Yes. I am the Movie Monster. You hate me. I accept this. For future reference, I do actually try to tone it down and I have wonderful loving friends and a socially conscious boyfriend who attempt to quiet me. And in all seriousness I’m not THAT bad. Honest.

However, for those other self-unconfessed Movie Monsters, I have a brand-spankin’-new tool for us to use. It is called..drunmroll please…


Yes. That’s right. RunPee.Com. It appears to be a fantastic resource for Movie Monsters such as myself, to avoid all of those potentially awkward moments. You know the ones. Sitting in your seat uncomfortably, looking around frantically and sussing out the path of least resistance to the door, not paying attention to the screen as you attempt to determine if what that just passed was very important or just mildly important and the big important stuff is coming up as soon as you’re out of the theatre. Nobody wants to come back to their seat and have their best friend tell them they just missed the coolest part.

Cue RUNPEE.COM. Although a brand new and not so comprehensive, it does list all current movies in theatres. There is no search bar, but there is a function to view movies alphabetically, by release date, etc. When I clicked on two movies I had already seen (17Again and Star Trek), it gave me the exact time I should go RunPee, and then in a box below the timestamp, it has jibberish with a button that says ‘unscramble’. This is obviously for spoilers. If you don’t care (and you shouldn’t, because you don’t really know the characters names yet or what the little tidbit is talking about so it would be okay to see the spoiler…) and although I could not really remember the exact moment of the movie the site is talking about, I guess the tool is more for people who HAVEN’T seen the movie yet rather than people who have.

All in all, I will definitely be using this tool in future. It is a hilariously useful and ingenious miss the dull parts, get to relieve yourself, and get back right before the big fight (or sex) scene.


Love, S.

Tomeme a las peliculas..

In case I haven’t previously blogged about it, you should know I am a SUCKER for movie trailers.
They are better than the movies for me sometimes. Yes, some give away practically everything, but ALL are good and ALL suck me in. But I guess that’s their purpose, to make you want to watch the movie. Anyways there are several movies that I am mucho excited to see and I thought I’d share them.


What a sweet looking movie. You should definitely check out the trailer, linked above. I don’t want to give it away but it seems like it has beautiful photography, it’s a love story, and plus plus plus Hugh Dancy is ADORABLE. It looks like the kind of movie that will give me that happysad feeling that I love so much.


First Off: I LOVE RACHEL WEISZ. I love her. Adore. I absolutely adore her. My favourite movie of all time happens to be The Mummy..starring her. Therefore I am so excited to see her in this movie: she has a whole montage of hobbies that her character has to learn and she also had to learn them all. I like Mark Ruffalo, not love, and I like Adrien Brody. And that other girl looks fierce! Anyways it’s about these brothers that plan bank heists and for their last one ever they decide to dupe a very rich lady: Rachel. However, chaos ensues and Adrien and Rachel fall in love. Typical, but it looks beautiful. And funny. And filmed in some amazing locations. Check out the trailer here.


I also adore Johnny Depp. I think that he is a phenomenal actor, and that his movies rock in general. This one doesn’t look like any exception. 1930’s style, amazing costumes/set/everything. Check out the trailer by clicking above. Looks fantastic!

And..this one shouldn’t even be counted really, but it counts.


I am so excited for the Harry Potter movies, always. No exceptions, nothing. There are those who love the movies and hate the books. There are those that love the books and hate the movies. There are those who hate both (although they should probably be committed). I am none of these. I love both. Duh. The movies are amazing and I have no idea what anyone is talking about when they say they don’t like them. BAH HUMBUG TO YOU TOO.

Love, s.


Noticed on twitter: many tweets about a new ‘computational knowledge engine’ called Wolfram|Alpha.

I checked it out, and it seems pretty damn cool. You can type in birthdays, historic events, any mathematical equation and it will pull up as much information as it has in its system. I smiled a little smile to learn that I had been born on a Sunday with 13.1 hours of sunlight. :)

Another awesome things: you can type in any food and get a complete nutritional analysis of it. What an awesome tool!

What I like best is that I feel that it can only get cooler from here. They say on their About page that they have more than 10 trillion pieces of data. They say that they think it’s silly that it’s the 21st century and we don’t have better search engines. And I really couldn’t agree more. We seem to have all this technology and yet I still can’t figure out how to set up my Wii/my mom’s tv sometimes. So strange, but so’s so complicated! So I salute the makers of Wolfram|Alpha (those must be their names because it’s an awfully odd name to be honest) for stepping up to the plate on this one.

I feel like the search engine (although not perfect now) will and can only get much much better from here.

Except now it won’t let me search because it has exceeded its maximum test capacity? Bummer. I was searching for the caloric content of my smoothie.

Love, s.

Space Cadet

For all of those not yet sold on the whole Twitter idea, (and I know there are a lot of you out there..) I give you something to convert even the most stubborn of all non-believers:


Yes that is correct. Mike Massimino is an astronaut with the STS-125 mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (an eleven day mission said to be the ‘final mission’ to the telescope for repairs). There are seven astronauts on the mission (one woman!) planning to do five back to back space walks in order to repair the telescope, replace parts, etc.

And this Mike Massimino has done the world an awesome service by agreeing to tweet from space. Personally, this is the ultimate in star-watching (pardon the pun) since one can follow Ashton Kutcher and Larry King all one likes, but there will never be anything cooler in my books than the undiscovered frontier..nothing cooler than people who get to go to space. It’s incredible!

So far, there have been tweets about getting ready, being up in space, and eating grapple..I am looking forward to finding out what else exactly they do out there. Throwing the juice in the air til it forms into little balls? Floating around doing handstands on the ceiling? Eating liquid food? Strapping yourself to the toilet? The list goes on. Definitely an awesome idea, original and interesting.

Check him out here.

Love, s.