Happy Holidays!

Christmas lights are appearing in strange places, decorations are popping up on dorm room doors, and there’s snow on the ground outside my window. I think it’s just about time to get excited for the holidays. And since I don’t really have a lot of time right now to go out and buy decorations (aka break from studying..) then I’ll just get into the spirit on my blog. Lame, huh? Well, the holiday dinner at the caf last week was festive. Rumour has it they served us wine and eggnog at our tables, and the menu was prime rib and ricotta-stuffed turkey rolls. Mmmhmm good. I’m happy they did that for us. :) Wish there had been a dance though! Haha.

I was thinking about this blog post and was unsure what all to write. But I’ve decided on what seems to be a bit of a blog cliché, which is helping readers brainstorm gift ideas for their loved (or not-so-loved) ones. Whatever, it’s a fun idea, so as overdone as it might be, here’s my take.


The Mother


Hits: Unique pottery, beautiful books, exotic teas, useful gadgets, personalized photo book, gourmet coffee grounds, custom printed stationary, bamboo bed tray, fluffy bed throw, leather driving gloves, scent diffuser, dark chocolate truffles.

The Father


Hits: Golf club, cookbooks, iPod + Nike set, framed photographs, classic movies, a good mystery novel, kitchen radio, GQ subscription, silk scarf, a season of House, quality alcohol shaker set, pretty coasters, ‘jewelery’ box, tie clip, classy cologne, piney room spray, high thread-count sheets.

The Sister


Hits: Pretty makeup, Starbucks Card, Coach wristlet, Teen Vogue subscription, nail polish, bubble bath, body butters, Planet Earth dvds, mani/pedi certificate, fluffy socks, delicious fragrance, Rockband for Wii, gourmet candy, fondue set, classic novel, rainboots, piano sheet music, headbands.

The Female Best Friend

Girl Friend

Hits: iRewards card, high quality ear plugs, ‘The Elements of Style”, deluxe chocolate, acclaimed novel, cozy pyjamas, frozen drink mixes, pretty clutch, classic literature, a season of Sex and the City, string of Christmas lights, a bead curtain, a beautiful journal, Le Pen pens, MAC makeup, perfume, bubble bath.

The Male Best Friend

Guy Friend

Hits: a beer drinking hat, plaid shirt, witty buttons, concert tickets, calligraphy pen, handmade bracelet, eyebrow ring, cologne, posters, dashboard hulu girl, high quality tie, classic movies, home made mulled wine, gourmet cheeses, wooden figurine, change dish, coffee mug.


…So that’s it on the gift front. Not sure about how much, if any of that I will be buying for the people on my list, I’m so broke! I might try to make them all some jam or something instead and put in the effort instead of the dollar dollar bills.

Got through my first exam unscathed (I think). It went well enough that I feel good about it, it wasn’t a giant slap to the face, so that’s enough for me. The studying commenced today for the next two possible injuries: physics and calculus. I think I can pull them off, easily as long as I keep working hard. That’s what I keep telling myself at least.

Only 12 days until I’m home! Can you believe it?!? So, so excited.

xoxo, S.

ps. It’s supposed to snowstorm tomorrow. It’d be nice to have a quiet, warm, pampered, tea-filled study day in my room for a change. The library is starting to get to me.


You can tell I need to get out more when my only subject matter becomes the various sweet things I have in my bedroom. Ah well, they make me happy so hopefully now they can make you happy!

Recently shared my blog with a couple amazing friends, so I just wanted to make a shout out to you two: Linds & Shosh I love you! :) I hope you enjoy my blog and make sure to tell me what you want to read/see on here because you’re my best audience members. :)

Most recent update: stress about finals. That’s basically all. OH. Also I had a ‘date’ with a cute boy to study math in my room. It went well. There was some major cb. No big deal or anything..

Next week there’s a semi-formal holiday dinner for Upper Rez, we’re all very excited. I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures.

xo, S.

dusk and summer

Some pictures I had left over from the day before the rest of my life. Me and my best friends went to the CNE the day before I left for University, so I can practically feel how I felt that day. I was sad and scared and hopeful and excited. I remember sitting on the swings and looking down on the fairgrounds and being ready.

I can smell the popcorn and feel how hot the day was and taste the cotton candy and remember how close me and my friends were. I guess this is a sign to myself to keep in touch with them more.

Everything is going well right now, but I am getting stressed out about finals! Cannot wait for the beauty that is Christmas and to go home and play with my animals and see my family.

And eat Christmas baking. :)

xoxo, S.

leave your jacket behind










It’s so beautiful here in Montreal, too warm for fall jackets. Sure, I know it will be short-lived, but it’s downright lovely for today.

Yesterday we took a walk through Parc Mont Royal at the perfect time of afternoon, just as the sun was setting through the trees and across the pond. As students, we had forgotten how lovely nature, children and dogs are. It was nice to get away from the student life for an afternoon.

Next weekend I’m going down to Old Montreal for some Beaver Tails and photographs. Keep you posted!

xo, s.