One Second Everyday: 2023

I’m so delighted to share my 1SE video for 2023. This is my seventh year completing this daily video project, and every year I do it I am beyond grateful to have this time capsule of my life. Those who know me know that my memory is fairly abysmal, so having little glimpses of what daily life looked like each day helps me remember and appreciate.

In every year (and every yearly video), there are lots of boring days where nothing much happens and you’re going through the motions. The challenge is to find what’s special about that day, or see something in your life in a new way that makes it feel special. And worst case? You capture the boring moment, and when life moves on and your everyday life looks completely different, you’ll be grateful for that snapshot. At least: I am. I always am.

So here is my life in 2023. Not always easy, but steadily building towards something beautiful.


PS. This is the app I use to create these videos! If you’re curious you can watch my previous videos here: 2016201720192020, 2021 & 2022.

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